Unlimited Email Accounts, Beta and Other Reply Updates

Unlimited Email Accounts, Beta and Other Reply Updates

We’re here again to treat 🎃 you to some new and exciting features in Reply. 

This time around, we’re happy to introduce additional email accounts, access to Reply’s Beta program, Zapier steps, Variables in LinkedIn steps, Industry and Company size basic fields, and more capabilities that, we’re sure, will make your experience even more pleasant and your prospecting more effective!

We’ll walk you through each one of the updates in more detail 🔎

Add unlimited email accounts in Reply

We know that some of our customers are using many email accounts within a single Reply account. With the old limit of 3 email addresses per account, you would need to buy multiple Reply subscriptions to increase the number of email addresses you could use making it very hard if not impossible to create unlimited email accounts for outreach.

From now on, you can connect an unlimited number of additional email addresses to a single Reply account 🎉

Simply put, you can make unlimited email accounts to connect to a single Reply account. Every new Reply user will have 2 email addresses included in their subscription plan (the changes won’t affect the existing accounts – they will still have 3 email addresses per account). 

All users can now connect an unlimited number of additional email addresses (with paid or free email accounts) to a single Reply account. To make this possible without compromising on the quality of service, we have to change the price for additional email accounts from $20 to $29/month per email account starting December 1. 

So, if you’re in search of how to send unlimited email or at least to scale your outreach beyond the current capacity, this is a great opportunity for you. You can now reach more prospects with unlimited Gmail addresses all tied to a single Reply account.

For more information on how to add unlimited email addresses, read this article.

Be the first to access new features with Reply Beta

Sales engagement is a pretty dynamic market, so we’re working hard to help you stay ahead of the curve and adopt the newest trends asap.

That is why we’re now offering Beta mode in Replyearly access to our newest features not yet publicly available to all users.

This means you can get your hands on our new features ahead of everyone else and take part in making Reply the best sales engagement platform on the market by sharing your honest feedback with our Development team.

Starting today, you can enable Beta mode on the Settings page.

Important: For Business accounts, Beta mode can be enabled only by the team owner.

Read more about beta mode and how to use it here.

Level up your outreach with Zapier steps

Over the past several months, we’ve been adding more channels and touchpoints to Reply sequences to make your outreach more effective, allowing you to build meaningful engagement experiences for your prospects. 

This is why we added LinkedIn steps and are planning to add more channels soon (so stay tuned 😉).

Today, we’re happy to announce Zapier steps in Sequences to add another layer of automation to your prospecting process.

From now on, you can automate your outreach workflows and extend your sequences by adding custom actions across more than 2000 apps available via Zapier. 

When adding a Zapier step to a sequence, you can choose between two workflows:

  • Zapier Step Launched triggers once a contact reaches this step
  • Move to the Next Step works similarly but needs an additional action via Zapier to move to the next step in a sequence.

To start using the available apps right from your sequence, set up automation scenarios in Zapier.

Important: Zapier steps are currently available only in Beta mode. 

For more details on how to get started with Zapier step, see this article.

Personalize your LinkedIn outreach using variables

At Reply, we’re strong believers that automation and personalization are two essential elements of a successful outreach strategy. So, in addition to introducing more ways to streamline your prospecting efforts, we’re determined to make outreach warm and personal. 

With this update, we’re adding the ability to apply templates and insert variables (Contact, Team, Advanced) to your LinkedIn messages. 

To preview your message before sending, click the eye icon in the lower right corner of the editor window.

Please note: LinkedIn step variables are currently only available in Beta mode.

Find more information about LinkedIn steps in Sequence, including Variables and Templates, see this article.

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Enrich contacts with Industry and Company size basic fields

Aside from the core platform, we’ve also been working on a number of improvements within our Email Finder and Outreach extension.

With this update, we’ve expanded contact profiles with three new basic fields: 

  • Sales Navigator (as a URL)
  • Company Size (as a value from the drop-down) 
  • Industry (as text).

Right now, the settings ‘Extract Industry’ and ‘Company Size’ are enabled by default in your Chrome Extension.

Here is a more detailed guide on how to extract new fields in the Reply Chrome Extension to enrich your current contacts. 

Other exciting updates to keep in mind

As you can see, it’s been a very productive month for us at Reply! But there are several more goodies we are happy to introduce to you along with the updates listed above.
Here are some other newsworthy improvements we’re adding today:

Test email sending

Make sure your sequence is perfect and ready to go by sending a test email. Moreover, you can now also choose a certain email account to test your email with. 

Read more here.

Domain and validation status fields for export

This is an important improvement for the People page: new fields Domain and Validation Status are now available when exporting contacts to a CSV file (for All Fields option). 

Find more info here.

Call resolution filter

We’ve also added a new custom filter that compiles the list of contacts that have the Called status and the Call resolution based on the selected filter configuration (that is the resolution of the last recorded call)

Learn more here.

Bounce quota email notification

With this update, the system will pause the sequence and will send a notification to the Notification Center if a user reaches 50% of the bounce quota for a sequence. We will also automatically send an email to users to notify them that the sequence has reached half of its bounce quota. 

This is a very important step to help you prevent your account from being suspended and keep your domain reputation high. Here’s a more detailed explanation of why bounce rate matters.

One more important announcement

As you know, back in April we launched the free email search on LinkedIn as a part of our Covid relief effort to support businesses during the downturn. We’ve been working hard over the last six months making it a faster and more accurate alternative to other email finders, while still keeping it free for everyone to use.

To continue improving our email search at the same pace and make it even more powerful and valuable to you, the LinkedIn email search functionality within Reply’s Chrome Extension is switching to a freemium model.

Starting next week, each new user will be able to find 200 emails per month for free by default. 

However, you can upgrade to an unlimited email search for just $49/month.

Wrapping up

It’s been a busy month for the team, but we really hope all of the added features will make your experience with Reply even better and your outreach more effective.

Thanks for following our journey! We can’t wait to show you what else we’re working on 🚀

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