Going from 0 to $1.000.000 in monthly sales brought to our customers

This is a first intro post in our blog series where we will be sharing everything on our journey from 0 to $1.000.000 in monthly sales brought to our customers.

Company bio

Reply began its journey in August 2014. We noticed that world of direct sales is changing dramatically. With data available online it became possible to find right people at the right time, when they need you most. Honest and supportive sales teams come in place, replacing old school pushy sales with their low effective cold call approach.

Reply team working from a co-working space in 2014

Beginning. August 2014. Reply team working from a co-working space

And here at Reply we decide to start work on sales acceleration platform designed to help new type of sales teams perform their best by semi-automating outreach and communication with prospects and customers. 

Having the right team in place and adding more peers as we go, we started working on product. By November 2014 we had our beta version live and few first beta customers who started using our tool to boost their sales. In June 2015 we have launched our official release version and welcomed one of the smartest and creative UX and Graphics Designer on board to help us provide the best user experience for our customers. We started getting more traction and positive feedback from customers, validating that we are on the right path.

We fell in love with Reply from the day one. It saves us tons of time and efforts. We would not allow anyone to take it from us now!
– Colleene Maes, RelocateMe

Right now we are a team of six and we’re growing fast. And we are still working hard on our product to bring in some new great features and integrations to it that will help our customers generate more revenue and stay ahead of their competitors.

Where we are at now

Here’s what our product does in one sentence: Reply is a sales acceleration platform designed to help sales team perform their best by semi-automating communication with prospects and customers; it takes care about sales outreach, follow-ups and staying in touch with your contacts.

Right now we are helping our customers generate approximately $55,000 per months in revenue. Most of our customers agreed to share this data anonymously and every one-two months we plan to publish one case study with selected companies. We will be counting sales that came from a customer where initial communication were started with Reply.

From 0 to $1M/month in revenue for Reply customers

Compound amount of monthly sales generated by all of our customers via Reply outreach

What’s next?

On this journey to $1M monthly in sales brought to our customers we will be sharing how exactly our customers were able to build healthy outbound process, what worked for them and what did not, share best practices on prospecting, cold outreach and modern sales approaches.

This blog series will help us focus on our company main value — bring more sales to our customers and do our best to help them succeed by building the right tools and providing the best guidance.

On a weekly basis we will be sharing information which is based on real case studies, is actionable and could be useful for our customers and anyone who wants to grow their sales in general. Here is just a few next article insights that we are going to share:

  • How we help our customers make emails look 100% typed manually
  • How we got 39% Reply Rate from Cold Outreach Campaign to Top 100 Sales Influencers
  • How to collect a list of 5000 highly targeted contacts for free in less than 2 hours

Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned for the best up-to-date sales techniques! Welcome on board!

Comments (8)

Avatar Matt Heinz says:

Congrats on the great start guys! I look forward to watching this content series progress…

Oleg Campbell Oleg Campbell says:

Thanks Matt! Will do our best

Avatar Dave Stein says:

I’m with Matt. I’ve been involved in enough tech start-ups to know that this is a big opportunity. Hard work, but hopefully value for your customers –> value for you –> big success.

Oleg Campbell Oleg Campbell says:

Dave, thank you for your encouragement! Great strategy, we will stick to it.

Hi, this looks like a solid product. One question though… I’ve always been concerned about compliance. How do the types of emails sent through Reply comply with spam laws, etc?

Avatar Tino says:

There is an option to include an opt-out link at the bottom of the email :)

Avatar Tino says:

nice this is awesome!

I want to learn more about sales part so i want to read all your case studies. i have subscribed for email news, I will read your articles.

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