How Reply Helped Mister eCommerce Expand

92% Open rate
64% Response rate
David Gregoire

Mister eCommerce helps their clients with professional quality product photography at a fraction of the price.


David Gregoire

Executive Summary

Mister eCommerce helps their clients with professional quality product photography at a fraction of the price. Using Reply for their drip marketing campaign, they have been able to:

  • Achieve open rates as high as 92%
  • Reach reply rates as high as 64%
  • Expand from a regional business to a successful international company

The Client

Mister eCommerce was started by David Grégoirein the early months of 2016. His goal was to help store owners put all their products online by offering a turn-key product photography solution operating from a mobile but very elaborate photo studio.

He realized that most store owners don’t have their full inventory online, and wanted to help them easily populate their eCommerce stores with the same products as their physical location.

The question was how to provide the best pictures possible in the fastest delivery time.

Fortunately, David was the right person to make that happen. He had a strong background in math and software coding, as well as experience being VP Technology for Quebec’s largest travel agency.

Together with his knowledge of marketing and readiness to try the unorthodox, he set up Mister eCommerce and got to work.

Initially, David focused on acquiring important clients locally in the Province of Quebec: its largest grocer, a very important hardware store and so on.

He then put together a team to hit the road; sometimes they’d shoot as many as 1,000 products a day, each one from three different angles. That’s up to 3,000 photos taken in a single day!

The Challenge

By early 2017, Mister eCommerce had reached a plateau, and David was ready to take the business to the next level.

The challenge was how to scale the existing business using the knowledge, skills, and experience they’d acquired from shooting, editing and importing so many products on their customers’ website.

The objective was to help more customers without the costs and logistical nightmare of hiring hundreds of photo teams.

This was the moment that Snapshop was born.

The Solution

Snapshop is an iPhone and Android eCommerce camera app and product photo editing service.

The company created the app to serve the same function as a team of photographers and Photoshop professionals but in your pocket.

You can do it all using only your phone.

You shoot. We edit. It imports on your website. Simple as that.

The app was a success, but although they’d successfully created a way for people to get their inventory online easily, the company was still stuck using a homemade system for their emails.

Having grown tired of using Zapier so extensively, they started looking for other options.

MailChimp was too expensive. Drip was too limited and complicated. Sendgrid was too manual, while Sendy was too manual and list extensive.

The solution was Reply.

Since they started sending drips with Reply, they were able to start using Zapier less and less, to the point where they use it almost exclusively for syncing opt-outs between their differents lists and platforms (using Sendy to manage their newsletters).

They were able to get rid of Pipedrive and start using Streak in its place.

When describing why Reply has become their email marketing software of choice, David mentioned two key features as being particularly helpful: Auto-stop on reply and the reply rate.

These features allow the company to stop the emails when the prospect replies, something that isn’t available in the leading alternatives.

If we did take, for example, MailChimp automation, we wouldn’t be able to stop the emails when the prospect replies to us.

As their marketing campaign involves cold emails sent from Canada, the team also appreciate Reply’s high performance in relation to anti-spam laws.

As the company grows, so has their use of Reply. David explains more:

There is not a single day where I do not contact Reply’s team to ask a question. It is not that Reply is complicated: sometimes we forget some details, often we push it to its limits. The more we use it, the more it makes sense. The less tweaking we do. The less limiting we find it.

When it comes to the emails themselves, the team’s goal is to make each email personal.

As emails sent from person to person have more chance of being opened and read, their mindset is to always have email subjects as short or human-looking as possible.

Would you send an email to a friend with the subject “You really shouldn’t miss this free offer”? Never!

This also means that all their emails are text only. Along with the standard personalized merge tags, they also further customize their emails in Reply by inserting a dynamic screenshot of the prospect website (using to generate the screenshot on the fly).

Our goal is to look really like a human sending an email to a human. Be as far from a robot as possible.

The Results

Currently, the majority of Mister eCommerce’s email marketing is reaching out to Shopify stores to show them the opportunity of doing product photography themselves (without the boring parts, as the company describes them) by sending personalized B2B emails.

They’ve had incredible results in the past on most of their drip campaigns, with open rates as high as 92% and reply rates as high as 64% and, at some point, the numbers were even higher.

They’ve also been able to successfully transition from a location intensive business to an email intensive business.

From their local beginnings, they are now an international company with happy customers from Canada as well as Australia, USA, the UK and other parts of the world.

Now the company continues to look for ways to improve their service, from mailing out free phone tripods to making sure their customers get the best results, to guaranteeing 48 hours delivery at an unbeatable price.

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