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Hi, we are a Customer Success team at Reply.
We’ll be with you every step of the way - from onboarding your team to helping you perfect your sales flow.
Feel free to reach out!

Stefanie Jenkins
Head of Customer Success

North and South America

Joshua Melo
CS Manager

North and South America

Alex Dobrodomov
CS Manager

Europe, Asia and Australia

Olga Zamiatina
Deliverability Specialist
Ann Larina
Billing and Finance Inquires

How we can help


Your dedicated Client Success team utilizes the information you share with them about your business to create strategic deliverables that help you better leverage Reply and it’s partner services.

The CS team aims to make themselves available to you and your team as often as possible to discuss strategies to meet your organization’s needs.

Upon request, your Client Success Manager will highlight realistic and personalized opportunities to provide you with strategic recommendations to help reach your goals and achieve maximum value out of Reply.


Reply’s on-boarding team is designed to aid start-up and veteran organizations get value from the platform as quickly as possible:

  1. Set your sales and marketing strategies in motion with best practices and tips acquired from our most successful businesses
  2. Learn best practices which activities to prioritize in the early stages of email automation
  3. Get access to a team of Account Managers for guidance and technical assistance at all times, as well as our dedicated live support team.

This setup period will teach you how to create sustainable campaign strategies for your business and how to implement it within Reply.

Reply Academy

Reply Academy aims to educate users how to create, expand, and maintain an automated sales acceleration model. You will learn more about:

  1. Reply basics and best practices to create effective email outreach campaigns
  2. How to maximize open and response rates, set up outbound sales flows
  3. Anti-spam precautions and complex integration practices.

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