Really like {{Company}} website design
Hi {{FirstName}},

I really like the clean design and usability of your website. It’s really, really good.

[Your brief value proposition] and would like to speak with someone who is responsible for this area at {{Company}}.

Are you the right person to speak about this? If not, who do you recommend I should contact?
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Why it works

This email template works great for sales teams and businesses looking to outreach potential clients and partners with a more friendly and personalized tone of voice. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd by complimenting something about the recipient’s company that caught your eye or stood out to you. A short, genuine compliment is a great attention-grabber, ice-breaker, and personalization method all at once, which will definitely bump the conversion rate of your cold outreach. Recipients who will open such an email will be more inclined and interested to keep reading and eventually replying, be it by pointing you in the right direction or discussing your pitch. The template then briefly outlines your value proposition, keeping it short and on-point, and ends with an open-ended question by asking who is the right person you should speak to, keeping the conversation light and ongoing.

When to use it

This email template is ideal for reaching out to potential clients or partners in a friendly manner. It works best when you have a tailored, genuine compliment regarding the recipient's company to use as an ice-breaker. Use this template when you wish to reach out to a company to discuss business, but not sure exactly who is the right person to talk to.

Who can use it

Sales professionals and business development representatives seeking to pitch their products or services to prospective clients through cold outreach will significantly benefit from using this email template. Similarly, business representatives can use this email template to spark potential partnership opportunities as it creates a more friendly rather than formal, sales-focused atmosphere.

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