Old Post Update Offer Old Post Update Offer

Offer to update and expand the content on a high-authority resource in exchange for a do-follow link to your website as a part of your SEO efforts.

Broken Link Broken Link

Leverage broken links in high-authority articles to initiate a conversation and offer a relevant tool or resource as a replacement for link-building purposes.

Podcast Cold Outrech Podcast Cold Outrech

Send a personalized message to express your interest in being a guest at a podcast, showcase your unique expertise, and suggest relevant topic ideas.

Invite Speakers for Event Invite Speakers for Event

Use this email template as a personalized invitation for a potential speaker to participate in an online event as a valuable source of industry insights and knowledge

Link-building Follow-up Link-building Follow-up

Follow up on your link-building efforts with this email template to ensure engagement and a positive response regarding content upgrades or collaboration.

Listicle Inclusion Listicle Inclusion

Leverage this email template for SEO outreach to get a recently launched tool mentioned in a relevant listicle article as a part of a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Listicle Inclusion Follow-up Listicle Inclusion Follow-up

Use this follow-up email template to remind the recipient about your previous email asking to get featured in their listicle blog post and reinforce your initial link-building offer.

Guest Posting Guest Posting

Connect with the relevant website owners or blog editors to inquire about guest posting opportunities and establish beneficial content partnerships for SEO purposes.

Web Summit Networking Web Summit Networking

Copy and customize this email template to facilitate networking and create new business opportunities when heading to the Web Summit or any other event.

Marketing email templates

If you’re only gettings started with email marketing a free template can help you set up and launch your first campaign. It will serve as a framework you can tailor to your needs and personalize based on your recipient’s details. 

Whether you’re looking for welcome sequence email templates to onboard your newsletter subscribers or the best cold email templates to fuel your outbound pipeline, our library is the right place to start.

Get inspiration from the proven email marketing templates examples with our curated list of templates.

Email marketing templates

Our library contains sample marketing email templates we’ve either created and used internally or crowdsourced from our partners. 

These are mostly templates for email marketing in B2B/SaaS industry used for any type of email marketing campaign – from personal auto-replies to product update email templates used to announce new features.

Our marketing automation email templates come in handy when you need to set up a campaign with minimum effort.

Reporting email template

This is a type of project management email templates often used in marketing to keep the internal team or customers informed about the recent activity or progress regarding a certain process. 

Email template for referral

One more must-have email marketing sequence template to have in your toolstack should be aimed at getting referrals. Be it from inbound leads, current customers, or even cold prospects, such template for free email marketing is a great way to grow your prospect list.

Using a proven email template referral campaigns you run can boost your lead generation efforts and drive more conversions.

Professional feedback request email template

An email feedback template is commonly used to collect feedback on something or someone. In case of the latter, this might also be an email template for promotion aimed at sourcing positive references from colleagues and partners to apply for a promotion. 

The email template for reference check can also be used when considering a candidate for hire. The feedback collection email template helps you make the process smooth and effective. 

Template for auto reply email

An auto reply email template is another useful tool for marketers to handle incoming messages. This is especially useful for team inboxes like marketing@company.com or inboxes using secondary domains (tailored for sequencing). 

So, instead of checking the incoming messages, you can use tailored notification emails templates containing the relevant information to redirect genuine contact requests to your personal email (or the suitable person). This can be a valuable element of your email sequence contact strategy template when using no-response email address.

Advertisement email template

The best email marketing templates help you reach a larger audience and inform it about your product or service. However, you can also pick an email template for advertising to drive direct sales for your retail business. 

For example, you can choose a template for email marketing in eCommerce listing the products surrently on sale and get purchases from the single message. However, similar approach isn’t applicable to service or B2B sales that typically involve a lot of negotiations and rely on relationship selling.

Email promotion templates

You can also implement survey email templates to connect with your audience and learn more about their preferences for free. This is a great way to personalize and tailor your template for email marketing campaign success.

Cold call email templates

Using email templates for cold calling is a perfect B2B introduction approach when reaching a larger audience. Unlike most digital marketing email templates listed in our library, they aim at cold leads – people who are unaware of your product or service. Thus, they require a different approach.

You can find the best cold email B2B templates listed under the “outbound” category.