Follow-up After Event Follow-up After Event

Engage your event attendees with a personalized follow-up email, addressing their pain points and offering a quick chat to explore how your product can benefit their team.

Webinar Registration Webinar Registration

Useful email template to send out after a webinar registration, thanking the recipient for registering and initiating a conversation that potentially results in a scheduled meeting.

Invite Speakers for Event Invite Speakers for Event

Use this email template as a personalized invitation for a potential speaker to participate in an online event as a valuable source of industry insights and knowledge

Webinar Signup Webinar Signup

Here’s a short follow-up email template for webinar attendees, expressing gratitude for tuning in, and offering an in-depth platform walk-through to help grow their business.

Event promotion email templates

A well-designed and persuasive event email template is essential for driving attendance. Whether it’s a webinar announcement or a training email template, our collection of emails offers a hand-picked message fit for any situation.

From email invites templates to a thank you for attending event email template, our extensive library can offer a proper draft for your next event promo campaign.

Email invitations templates

An invitation template for email marketing campaign is aimed at attracting the registrants and attendees to your event. Be it an online webinar or an offline award ceremony invitation email template can help you communicate the details about the venue and agenda. 

A webinar invitation email template might also feature some useful content or a special offer for the registrants. On the other hand, a training invitation email template should contain more practical information, e.g., a full training schedule.

You can also send out a survey invitation email template to encourage the registrants to take part in the survey. A participation survey invitation email template usually contains a list of questions the recipient should answer before they get to attend the event.

An availability email template is used to confirm whether the recipient will be able to attend the event on a given day. It can also be used with the speakers to confirm an earlier training request. Both the speakers and attendees should also get the training confirmation email template to make sure the event will actually happen.

Announcement email template

This type of email template is used to create anticipation and inform recipients about an upcoming event. Each email template for announcement typically includes the event name, date, and a brief teaser about what attendees can expect. 

For example, a training announcement email template might come in handy when trying to notify your customers or employees about an upcoming training event. A webinar invite email template can also be considered an announcement, although the target audience and message will be different.

Upcoming events email template

The availability email template is another common message used among other webinar registration email templates. 

A reminder template email is used as a final push to encourage individuals who have not yet registered for the event. Email reminder templates emphasize the urgency by highlighting that time is running out and registrations will close soon. 

Along with the reminder, you should also use a webinar confirmation email template to inform the registrant about the booked spot at an event. To confirm email template you send should be clear and to the point.

Thank you email template after event

Last but not least, you should always use a webinar replay email template to share an event link with those who missed the event or want to re-watch it. The same message can also play the role of “thank you for attending event email template.”

Just as important as a webinar email invitation template, it can help you maintain engagement and capitalize on it. Sending a thank you email after event template is vital to maintaining the connection with attendees in the long run.

This is also a great chance to request feedback from attendees with a training survey email template or send an extra training reminder (if you have any additional events planned after this one).

Effective before and after event email templates can greatly enhance your event marketing efforts. Even a cancellation email template – strategically written and sent – can boost engagement and eventually help you secure high attendance.