Compliment Compliment

Sometimes the best way to break the ice is with a genuine compliment. Check out this email template that compliments the recipient’s company website design before getting straight down to business.

Trial Important Note Trial Important Note

Use this email template to introduce yourself, establish a personal connection with trial users, and suggest a 15 minute chat to best accommodate their business goals.

End of Trial Follow-up End of Trial Follow-up

Follow up with trial users whose trial period is coming to an end to discuss any questions they may have, product features, and pricing plans to ensure continued use.

Demo Request Demo Request

Looking for an email template for prospects who signed up for your product demo? Check out this template that aims to understand the prospect’s unique business to schedule a personalized demo.

Webinar Registration Webinar Registration

Useful email template to send out after a webinar registration, thanking the recipient for registering and initiating a conversation that potentially results in a scheduled meeting.

Account Setup Account Setup

Ensure your prospects make the most of their trial period and convert into paid customers with this helpful email offering account setup assistance.

Churned Customers Feedback Churned Customers Feedback

Check out this high-level email template designed for CEOs seeking raw feedback from their churned customers’ regarding the reason for their canceled subscription and ways to improve the product.

Ghosting Opportunities Ghosting Opportunities

Reengage stale opportunities or prospects who have ghosted you and propose a quick walk-through to showcase how their company can address the problem the recipient is facing.

Personalized Demo Personalized Demo

Check out this effective template that invites prospects and new customers for a personalized product demo to help improve their business results.

Webinar Signup Webinar Signup

Here’s a short follow-up email template for webinar attendees, expressing gratitude for tuning in, and offering an in-depth platform walk-through to help grow their business.

Reengage Churned Customers Reengage Churned Customers

Use this template to show concern and curiosity about why your trial or long-term customers canceled their subscription, re-engaging your churned customers and asking for feedback.

Inbound Lead Qualification Inbound Lead Qualification

Leverage this template to follow up with recipients, express gratitude for their response, clarify their time zone, and gather valuable information through a concise list of questions, ultimately enhancing your understanding of their needs.

Pricing Pricing

Try out this template to schedule a call with prospects to discuss how your product can bring them value and discuss the various pricing plans available.

Inbound sales templates

Looking to nurture webinar attendees? Need sales pitch email templates to convert the more engaged leads? You can find the most effective inbound email sales campaign templates in this library.

Best sales email templates

Choosing the best email template for sales outreach requires careful consideration of your specific goals and target audience. First of all, take into account the stage of the sales cycle and the level of familiarity with your recipients. The sales emails templates should be easily customized to the use case and audience. For example, SaaS sales email templates will differ greatly from the ones you send to agency clients or eCommerce customers. The same applies to B2C and B2B sales email templates.

B2B sales email template

As mentioned above, your B2B sales prospect email template should align with the needs and communication style of your target audience. Focus on building trust and providing value to establish a personal connection with the recipient. 

Regularly analyze and refine your sales prospecting email templates based on performance metrics and customer feedback to optimize your B2B sales email outreach.

Introduction sales email template to make a lasting impression

Looking to make a lasting impression when connecting with inbound prospects? Pick the suitable email template for sales introduction to captivate prospects from the very first interaction.

Be it the first touchpoint after a webinar or response to the hand raisers on your website, using our introduction email template sales reps can easily establish a personal connection with an inbound prospect. You can also tailor each of the messages you find here to your needs and preferences. 

Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just building up your B2B sales funnel email templates we’ve carefully collected will help you boost your prospecting efforts.