Old Post Update Offer Old Post Update Offer

Offer to update and expand the content on a high-authority resource in exchange for a do-follow link to your website as a part of your SEO efforts.

Broken Link Broken Link

Leverage broken links in high-authority articles to initiate a conversation and offer a relevant tool or resource as a replacement for link-building purposes.

Link-building Follow-up Link-building Follow-up

Follow up on your link-building efforts with this email template to ensure engagement and a positive response regarding content upgrades or collaboration.

Listicle Inclusion Listicle Inclusion

Leverage this email template for SEO outreach to get a recently launched tool mentioned in a relevant listicle article as a part of a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Listicle Inclusion Follow-up Listicle Inclusion Follow-up

Use this follow-up email template to remind the recipient about your previous email asking to get featured in their listicle blog post and reinforce your initial link-building offer.

Guest Posting Guest Posting

Connect with the relevant website owners or blog editors to inquire about guest posting opportunities and establish beneficial content partnerships for SEO purposes.

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