Reseller Program Outreach Reseller Program Outreach

Grab the attention of potential partners with a personalized invitation to join your reseller program and earn generous commissions or discounts by referring customers or utilizing your platform.

Showcasing Showcasing

Reach out to companies you wish to collaborate with by showcasing them to your audience who in turn would be interested in learning more about their products.

Podcast Cold Outrech Podcast Cold Outrech

Send a personalized message to express your interest in being a guest at a podcast, showcase your unique expertise, and suggest relevant topic ideas.

Contact Startups Contact Startups

The template provides a concise and personalized way to initiate contact with potential prospects (mostly startups) and pave the way for further conversations or partnerships.

Startups Outreach Startups Outreach

Use this short template to initiate a conversation with a targeted startup you’ve come across and lay the foundation for a potential business relationship.

Web Summit Networking Web Summit Networking

Copy and customize this email template to facilitate networking and create new business opportunities when heading to the Web Summit or any other event.

Podcast Follow-up Podcast Follow-up

Get a proven template to follow up on a previous email regarding a podcast guest invitation, providing a list of relevant topic ideas.

Business development email templates

In this library, we’ve collected the best prospecting email templates along with other corporate email templates used in business development and customer success.

From an introductory business email template for a new partner to auto reply email template for customer service, explore the curated list of customizable, ready-to-use drafts.

Email template to schedule a meeting

Business development is the foundation of company growth. This makes email prospecting templates so important to any BDR. One of the must-have professional email templates for business, they can greatly assist in appointment scheduling by providing consistency, saving time, facilitating clear communication, and improving response rates.

Appointment setting is no easy task. And finding an available time slot for a meeting in both calendars and sending a meeting request email template is just the beginning. There are also a ton of preparations pre-meeting (e.g., sending an appointment reminder template email) as well as after the appointment.

In some cases, you might also need to send a bunch of other email templates for clients depending on the state of your relationship and the step of the buyer’s journey. This can be anything from an appointment cancellation email template to thank you email templates for business clients.

Email of introduction template

When reaching out to customers, introducing email template might come in handy for a number of reasons. For example, you can use it when you are transferring a converted client to the customer service team. It also helps to establish a connection with someone in your industry or a potential business contact when networking, seeking referrals, or offering partnerships.

The best introduction email template should include as much background information as possible to make the hand-off as smooth as possible.

Appointment confirmation email templates

The purpose of a confirmation appointment email template is to ensure that both parties involved in a scheduled appointment or meeting are on the same page and have a clear understanding of the details. 

You can use it as a reminder email template for appointment you’ve scheduled earlier. It is typically sent before a scheduled appointment or meeting to confirm the details and ensure that both parties are aware of the scheduled time, date, and location.

Email templates for clients

Apart from requesting a meeting email templates can serve a number of different purposes – from auto response follow-ups as a part of your nurturing sequence to new business announcement email templates when you’re expanding your business or growing your product portfolio. They play a crucial role in effectively managing client relationships and ensuring a positive client experience.

Customer service email template

Regardless of the use case, customer success email templates aim to streamline communication and enhance client interactions.

For example, using an automatic response template for emails in customer service can help you improve client satisfaction with a prompt response. Various status update emails and promotions help you keep the relationship transparent and strong.

Complaint template email

That said, complaints email template is also a must-have for any client-facing team to address any issues asap. When sending a response email to clients template with a compaint it’s important to keep it professional and address any problems asap.

You can also use this along with a meeting invitation template email to talk to the customer directly and resolve all issues in the best way possible.

Email invoice templates

Invoice template for email is another essential asset for business development and customer service teams. It allows you to easily generate and send invoices in a fraction of the time it would take to create them from scratch.

This also applies to a past due invoice email template you can send to a client reminding them to make payment accordingly when needed.

You can get a free invoice email template that suits your needs in our catalog. There are dozens of free email templates with responsive design and optimized structure to suit any business development needs.