Old Post Update Offer Old Post Update Offer

Offer to update and expand the content on a high-authority resource in exchange for a do-follow link to your website as a part of your SEO efforts.

Content Upgrade Content Upgrade

PR and link-building email template showing appreciation for the recipient's article, sharing your own content backed by data and sources, and offering collaboration or feedback.

Broken Link Broken Link

Leverage broken links in high-authority articles to initiate a conversation and offer a relevant tool or resource as a replacement for link-building purposes.

Insights Insights

Take a look at this PR and link-building email template ideal for sharing relevant industry insights and opening the door for future collaboration.

Link-building Follow-up Link-building Follow-up

Follow up on your link-building efforts with this email template to ensure engagement and a positive response regarding content upgrades or collaboration.

Listicle Inclusion Listicle Inclusion

Leverage this email template for SEO outreach to get a recently launched tool mentioned in a relevant listicle article as a part of a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Listicle Inclusion Follow-up Listicle Inclusion Follow-up

Use this follow-up email template to remind the recipient about your previous email asking to get featured in their listicle blog post and reinforce your initial link-building offer.

Guest Posting Guest Posting

Connect with the relevant website owners or blog editors to inquire about guest posting opportunities and establish beneficial content partnerships for SEO purposes.

New Feature New Feature

Check out this PR and link-building email template ideal for showcasing your new product feature, and sparking a connection based on shared industry focus.

Relevant Article Relevant Article

Use this email template to offer a relevant story or expertise on the recipient's article topic, offering to share your insights with their audience.

PR and Link-Building email templates

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