Ruby Dev Ruby Dev

Reach out to top Ruby engineers with a personalized email from the CEO, expressing interest in their GitHub profile and inviting them to explore exciting opportunities at your company.

New Job New Job

For all recruiters looking to attract and land the best talent out there, check out this short email template designed to immediately get their attention.

Career Opportunity Career Opportunity

Spark a friendly connection with your potential candidate by proposing to chat and hear each other out rather than pitching them the job from the get-go.

Value Proposition Value Proposition

If you wish to get across your value proposition effectively and concisely, check out the following email template designed for companies to pitch their product and book a meeting.

GitHub Intro GitHub Intro

Check out this personalized recruitment email template aimed at the top talent on GitHub, featuring a friendly coffee invitation to discuss a job opportunity.

Recruiting email templates

The templates we’ve collected in this library serve as a starting point, providing recruiters with well-designed messages to present their organizations in the best light, engage candidates effectively, and ultimately build a strong talent pipeline.

Job application email templates

Job application email templates are a must-have for individuals seeking employment. These pre-designed messages provide a structured format and a professional tone for applicants to effectively communicate their interest in a job opening. With the right application email template, candidates can increase their chances of standing out and securing the desired job.

Applying for job by email template

If you’re trying to come up with the best email template for job application, there are many options available. Our library contains some of the proven email templates for applying for a job as well.

Yet, before you send one, make sure to customize your applicant email template – include essential details such as your qualifications, relevant experience, and enthusiasm for the position. Another use case for template for sending resume via email is applicable to the internship email template.

Email template for sending resume

Email templates for sending resumes make the job hunting process a lot easier. Also referred to as cold email for job template, it allows you to save your time when reaching out for job inquiry while also keeping the communication clear and effective.

Emailing resume template to a recruiter is an important step. You can do that while still being employed or when you’re no longer with the company.

When sending resume by email template, it would also be nice to attach a cover letter and recommendation.

Email template for letter of recommendation

Before you apply for job with email template you find here, reach out to your previous employer first. To request a letter of recommendation email template should be aimed at your colleague or manager who can provide the best feedback on your previous role.  

To ask for job referral in email template, keep it professional and nice. It also makes sense to offer to return the favor if needed (when talking to a colleague). 

Application rejection email template

Sadly, not every email template for a job application you send will be successful. There are usually several candidates applying for the same role, so only one can end up getting hired. 

As a result, there are a few types of after interview email template used by recruiters: The majority of applicants will get a thank you for your application email template. In the worst case scenario, a candidate rejection email template will be sent to those who don’t match the hiring requirements. 

The applicant rejection email template should be polite and informative so it doesn’t hurt the company’s brand image. The similar approach should be used in the unsuccessful interview email template.

Application status email template

Apart from the unsuccessful application email template, you might also need some assistance when following up on the application status. In this case, application status email templates come in handy to inquire about any updates or to express gratitude for the opportunity.

What’s more, you can utilize an after interview thank you email template to check in with the recruiter regarding your application or interview feedback.

Interview thank you email templates

Thank you email template after job interview is a valuable tool to express gratitude and leave a positive impression on a recruiter. It provides a starting point for writing a thoughtful and impactful thank you email after Zoom interview, saving time and ensuring comprehensive communication.

If you’re in search of a template for thank you email after interview, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected proven drafts for a thank you email after phone interview template. These templates serve as a guide to help individuals craft an effective thank you email after job interview template.

There are also ideas for a thank you email after second interview template (which is slightly different from the initial call with the recruiter and involve some changes to your original thank you email for interview template).

Confirmation email template

Interview confirmation email template is another crucial email template for interview process. It can be used when accepting interview email template, as a responce email template for interview invitation – to reassure the recruiter that you will be there. 

In addition to that some recruiters will also use informational interview email template to share the details about the scheduled meeting with all involved parties.

Email job offer template

Once you’re past the interview stage, the next message you might get is the offer letter from the company that is ready to hire you.

The email template for job offer in this case is a standard procedure. It contains all the details about your future employment.

Accepting a job offer via email template is also a pretty common practice. Once you decide that you’re accepting job offer email template you will use marks the start of your employment with the company.

Email template for salary negotiation

Before you accept offer email template you might need to use is a salary negotiation email template to come to terms with the employer regarding your compensation and benefits. This should contain sound reasons to justify your salary expectations.

As you transition to the next step in the hiring process, the employee onboarding email templates will come in handy.

New employee welcome email template

Welcome email template for new team member is the final stage of the hiring process and notifies the applicant about the start of their employment at a company. 

As follows from the name, the welcome email for new employee template is used to welcome new hire and can be sent along with the ​​onboarding email template with more details for the ramp-up process.

An approval email template one would use for internship hires would be slightly different. In this case, you can simply send a greeting email template with the details about the internship terms. 

Email resignation letter template

Last but not least, email resignation letter templates are a popular category of internal communication email templates. These are the HR email templates to employees that are used to inform the team that one of the members is no longer with the company. It is also often referred to as the termination of employment email template. 

It can be sent along with the weekly team update to the rest of the staff. Or the person can notify the team directly using the the formal letter of resignation email template. If you want to let the partners or people outside of the team know, consider using job transition email template. 

Alternatively, you can use the email template no longer with company as an auto-responder to incoming messages for people trying to reach them (to auto reply email template for terminated employee).