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I'll keep this short to make the 26 seconds it takes to read this (yes, I timed it.)

{{Your_Company}} helps other companies like {{Customer1}}, {{Customer2}}, {{Customer3}}, and {{Customer4}} with new business development and allows them to send cold emails that feel warm, whether it's inbound, outbound, a trial or an existing customer. We put their outreach on autopilot while keeping communication personal and friendly.

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Why it works

This email template is highly effective in its business goal due to its succinct and attention-grabbing approach. The mention of the 26-second read time immediately serves as a great ice-breaker and encourages engagement. By showcasing your product's main value proposition and listing reputable companies that have benefited from it, you establish social proof and credibility, making the recipient more likely to respond. By focusing your email around the main value of your product while keeping it short and friendly, this template is great for making your cold email stand out from the crowd. The offer to explain how the product works demonstrates a genuine interest in addressing the recipient's needs and fosters a further conversation. The overall tone is approachable and non-intrusive, making it more likely to elicit a positive response.

When to use it

Utilize this email template for cold outreach to prospect companies when you want to clearly communicate your product's value proposition and provide social proof. It can be customized for any industry and value proposition. Ideal for reaching out to decision-makers who are potentially interested in streamlining one of their business processes that your product is designed to automate and improve.

Who can use it

Suitable for outbound sales professionals, business development representatives, or anyone involved in cold outreach to prospect companies. Ultimately, this template has to be used by someone who can clearly and concisely explain your product’s main value proposition. This email template can be used in various industries and adapted to different products or services.

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