Hey {{FirstName}},

Just wanted to see if you got my previous email about being a guest on your podcast.

Here are just a few topic ideas that could be relevant to your audience I have expertise in:

1. [Relevant Topic 1]
2. [Relevant Topic 2]
3. [Relevant Topic 3]
4. [Relevant Topic 4]

What do you think - do these topics correlate with your audience?
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Why it works

This follow-up template is effective because it utilizes a personalized approach and establishes a connection referencing the previous email. The template conveys its purpose in a straightforward and succinct manner. It quickly reminds the recipient of the previous email and presents relevant topic ideas, avoiding unnecessary details that could dilute the message. By offering specific topic ideas aligned with the sender's expertise, the template showcases the potential value they can bring to the podcast. It demonstrates that the sender has carefully considered the podcast audience's interests and is ready to contribute meaningful and relevant content. This audience-centric approach is likely to resonate with podcast hosts who prioritize delivering valuable experiences to their listeners. The template clear and concise communication style enhances the likelihood of a positive response from the podcast host.

When to use it

This follow-up template is appropriate to use when you have previously sent an email to a podcast host requesting to be a guest on their show and are seeking a response or confirmation. The template can be employed when you want to re-engage the host, remind them of your interest, and provide additional value by suggesting relevant topic ideas.

Who can use it

Individuals or professionals who have previously reached out to be a guest on a podcast and are seeking a response or confirmation from the podcast host can use this template. It is suitable for a wide range of guests, including industry experts, thought leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone with valuable insights or experiences to share.

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