{{Your_Company}} // {{Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}},

I haven’t heard back from you about your thoughts on {{Your_Company}}. My 'Sherlock Holmes' ???? super-powers are telling me it may be a few things:

1. you love the concept but the time isn’t right
2. you love the concept but it isn't something you’re interested in
3. you love the concept but you don’t have any plans for email automation
4. you aren’t interested at all

Please let me know which one it is. In case you don’t reply, I will assume it is option #1 :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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Why it works

This email template effectively addresses the challenge of following up on user feedback requests by injecting humor and providing easy-to-choose options. By light-heartedly speculating on potential reasons for the lack of response, such as timing, interest, or plans, you create an engaging and relatable conversation. The inclusion of humor, in the form of "Sherlock Holmes" super-powers, adds an element of entertainment and makes the email memorable. The template's effectiveness lies in its ability to make it easy for recipients to respond by offering predefined options. By presenting the choices, you eliminate the need for the recipient to craft a detailed response and encourage them to select the option that aligns with their situation. This approach increases the likelihood of receiving a response as it simplifies the process for the recipient and adds a playful touch to the conversation.

When to use it

Utilize this email template when following up on user feedback requests to add a touch of humor and provide a convenient response mechanism. It is particularly useful when you have not received a reply after requesting feedback from users. Use this template to engage users who may be hesitant to respond or are unsure how to provide feedback.

Who can use it

Product managers, customer success representatives, or anyone seeking user feedback can leverage this email template. It is suitable for individuals who are looking to follow up with users and receive their input in a light-hearted manner. This template is directed at users or customers who have been asked to provide feedback but have not responded.

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