Happy {{day_of_week}}, {{FirstName}}.

I’m reaching out to you again because something tells me we can help {{Company}}’s {{Department}} team can [Problem They Face] more. How? {{Your_Company}} is [Your brief value proposition].

Other {{Job_Title}} from {{Company1}}, {{Company2}} and other companies in the {{Industry}} industry all use [Problem You Solve].

So I’m curious - would you be interested in seeing how we can help with these challenges?
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Why it works

This follow-up template is effective due to personalization, problem-solving approach, and social proof. Personalization creates a sense of relevance and shows that the message is tailored to their needs. By highlighting that other professionals in similar roles and industries have already benefited from the sender's solution, it builds credibility and positions the sender as a trusted resource. The template expresses curiosity and interest in the recipient's challenges. By asking if they would be interested in exploring how the sender's company can help, it invites engagement and encourages the recipient to consider the potential benefits. The mention of other companies and professionals who are already using the sender's solution in the same industry reinforces the credibility and effectiveness of the sender's offering. This social proof can help instill confidence in the recipient and increase their receptiveness to the message.

When to use it

This template is appropriate to use when you have previously reached out to a potential client or prospect and want to follow up on your initial communication. It is particularly useful when you believe that your product or service can effectively address the challenges faced by the recipient's department or team.

Who can use it

This follow-up template can be used by sales representatives, business development professionals, or anyone in a role that involves reaching out to potential clients or customers. It is suitable for individuals who offer products or services that address specific challenges or problems faced by departments within companies.

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