{{Company}} <> {{Your_Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}},

I’m reaching out to you because I noticed on your LinkedIn profile that you are working at {{Company}}. Given your role as {{Job_Title}}, my assumption is that [Title Responsibility] falls in your wheelhouse.

What if your team can [Your brief value proposition] drive more [Pain Point] as a result?

If you give us a shot on {{weekdays_from_now 2}} to unpack how other {{Department}} teams in the {{Industry}} space are [Problem You Solve] using {{Your_Company}}, I promise we can part ways if you are not impressed.

Either way, I hope you are having a good {{now_quarter}}.
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Why it works

This email template excels in its effectiveness by incorporating key elements such as personalization, relevance, and a no-obligation approach. The personalized approach grabs the recipient's attention, as it demonstrates that you have invested time and effort in understanding their needs. By addressing their specific pain points and offering a tailored discussion, you showcase the value your product brings to their unique situation. The inclusion of a no-obligation offer alleviates any reservations or fears the recipient may have about committing to a sales pitch. This creates a low-pressure environment that encourages the recipient to explore the potential benefits without feeling coerced or obligated. Overall, this template strikes a balance between personalization, relevance, and a non-intrusive approach, making it highly effective in engaging the recipient and fostering a positive response.

When to use it

This email template is ideal for outbound sales when you have conducted research on the recipient, such as reviewing their LinkedIn profile, and can make a direct connection between their role and the value proposition of your product. Use this template when you want to engage the recipient in a meaningful conversation without pressuring them to commit, offering them the opportunity to explore the potential benefits.

Who can use it

This template can be used by sales professionals or business development representatives who are targeting individuals in specific roles within companies where their product can provide value. It is suitable for various industries and can be adapted to different pain points and solutions. The template allows these professionals to initiate a relaxed conversation and offer a no-obligation exploration of how their team can benefit from the product.

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