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If you’re looking to increase your revenue and optimize operations, one of the metrics you should be measuring is your sales team’s return on investment.

This is where our online calculator for ROI comes in handy.

Our ROI calculator formula is based on the typical sales team’s KPIs and expense items. Just fill out the form with your data and calculate your team’s ROI in a click. Depending on your score, we will provide useful resources to act upon it.

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ROI calculator from Reply

Sales leaders have a lot on their plate. Besides closing high-profile deals and steering the ship of the sales team, it’s also their great responsibility to keep track of their team’s performance.

And sure, with new tools, calculators, and metrics arising by the hour, it would seem like a simple task. But which metrics should you focus on to accurately judge the effectiveness of sales reps? Number of meetings booked? Or perhaps their conversion rates?

At Reply, we like to focus on the big picture. We understand that as a business, whether we like it or not, profit margins are what truly matter. Without recurring revenue, businesses simply won’t stay afloat for long.

Based on that logic, sales reps could be crushing their set quotas, but if the total expenses utilized to make that happen outweigh the business brought in, what good is it? Besides, we’ve come across numerous ROI marketing calculators, but not so many sales-oriented ones.

With that in mind, please welcome our brand-new online calculator for ROI, specifically designed to accurately measure the overall sales team’s return on investment. In other words – how much money sales teams are generating per 1$ invested.

ROI formula calculator

After extensive discussions with our very own sales team leads, we’ve designed the perfect formula to realistically track the ROI of sales teams while keeping it simple and concise.

Our unique ROI formula calculator takes into account various crucial KPIs, for example, the number of meetings booked and the average conversion rate, as well as relevant expenses such as the SDR base salary, commission %, sales tool stack, etc. Simply input all your raw data into our return on investment percentage calculator, and you’re good to go!

By comparing in-detail the total sales-related expenses per month with the total earnings generated, sales leaders can strategize on what could be improved and how.

On top of that, not only will our ROI calculator give you an objective, numerical representation of how well you’re doing, but also provide you with strategic insights and useful resources to improve!

ROI calculator for business

The aim of all businesses isn’t just making sales but maximizing profits – making the most amount of money with the lowest expenses possible. Finding that healthy balance is quite the challenge, and Reply’s software calculator helps with exactly that.

With numerous examples of various metric calculators out there, things can get confusing, but not to worry! Reply is a solid all-in-one ROI calculator example that brings all those metrics in one place!

Our online calculator is perfect for sales organizations and sales agencies, but also for business organizations of all industries and sizes with sales teams. Since sales and marketing teams work side by side, combine that with a powerful ROI marketing calculator – and you’ve got the two most vital metrics to track your teams’ progress.

It’s important to celebrate all the small stepping stones on the path to success, but no matter how good business is going – it could always be better!