Introducing: Triggered Calls

Reply’s game-changing feature automatically connects user with the right prospect at the right time,
once he has opened the email again to go through it.

In short

Don’t wait for email responce, play with forecast! Triggered Calls feature automatically initiates the call between the user and the prospect once the prospect has opened an email 3+ times.

Start using Triggered Calls


Dial in prospects at the right time

Triggered Calls feature uses the campaign schedule to dial the contact only within specified hours. If the contact triggers the call outside the schedule, the system will wait until the next email opening.

Set up email openings to trigger calls

Customize the number of email openings to deal in your prospects automatically. We suggest to have over four email views, indicating that the lead is interested in your offering and ready to talk.

Use it free of charge, forever!

Triggered Calls functionality is available free of charge for all Reply users who enabled the Direct Calls feature, and specified valid phone numbers for the contacts.

Dramatically increase your sales productivity!

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