How Reply Helped RelocateMe Achieve an Immediate 37% Reply Rate

65 %

Open rate

37 %

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Andrew Stetsenko

Andrew Stetsenko


International IT Recruitment Company


Andrew Stetsenko Andrew Stetsenko

RelocateMe is an international IT recruiting agency that focuses on finding qualified specialists and matching them with development companies that are open for relocating.

The Challenge

RelocateMe is one of the leading international IT recruiting agencies that connects highly qualified specialists to the best software development companies in the world.

We are able to search for necessary staff abroad (which usually only happens in cases where there are no appropriate options on the local market) and help with relocation to the client’s site.

Given that, recruiters of RelocateMe often have to interact with an enormous number of candidates by reaching out to them via different connection means (Skype, phone and, most of the time, email).

This includes the challenge of working with tons of emails, sending, replying and tracking the hiring process that culminates in creating a clear picture of the applicants for the recruiters.

With this problem in mind, Reply turned out to be a perfect fit for us.

Once we started using Reply we noticed that the efficiency level of our recruiting outreach had significantly increased and we have already closed several deals for our customers thanks to Reply

The Solution

Previously recruiters of RelocateMe were carrying out their emails through SugarCRM – a decent piece of software, though they found it somewhat bulky for their purpose.

However, it resulted in a situation where there needed to be two different applications used for CRM and email automation since these are very different fields. Now we’ve optimized our working process significantly and use Reply’s email automation software for both clients and applicants.

Sales managers are looking for new customers on LinkedIn, niche websites, etc. As for the applicants, they can be found on GitHub, StackOverflow and other resources for coding.

The list of emails for decision makers or appropriate applicants is placed into GoogleDrive, then exported to a CSV file and imported to Reply as a contact list.

The Overview

After trying Reply, we admitted to two features they really lacked when using Sugar CRM – automatic deletion of those who replied to the primary email and tracking email addresses that duplicate in the system. This helped us avoid re-sending emails to the same prospects or clients. Plus, the ability to customize emails within a campaign also turned out to be a great advantage.

After using Reply in search for applicants in Bulgaria with a short email template, we got a 37% reply rate after initial send out.

Andrew Stetsenko, Founder
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This time, we decided to not even follow-up with the rest of applicants as we were delivered such a huge workflow with the initial email and it made more sense to focus on converting primary email results

The Result

After success with one regional campaign, RelocateMe easily scaled the solution using email automation by implementing it for other countries, positions, and markets. Using Reply now helps them to not only increase their reply rates and sales numbers but also to strengthen client relationships due to the personal nature of the messages.

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