{{Company}} <> {{Your_Company}}
Hey {{FirstName}},

{{Your_Name}} from {{Your_Company}} here.
I found your company on {{Source}} and really liked the idea.

Quick question: do you use any tools for [Problem They Face] at {{Company}}?
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Why it works

This template is effective because it begins with a personalized greeting and expresses genuine admiration for the recipient's company, creating a positive first impression. By referencing the resource where the sender discovered the recipient’s company, it establishes common ground and indicates that the sender has done their research. it directly addresses a specific problem faced by startups, indicating that the sender understands the challenges they may be encountering. This relevancy increases the chances of capturing the recipient's attention and resonating with their needs. The quick question about tools engages the recipient and shows a genuine interest in their specific challenges. This approach increases the likelihood of capturing the recipient's attention and encourages the recipient to actively participate in the conversation and share valuable insights that can be used to tailor the future interactions.

When to use it

This template is appropriate to use as an initial outreach to establish a connection with a promising startup or company and you genuinely appreciate their idea or business. It is a good choice to initiate a conversation and explore the possibility of your tool or service being integrated into their existing tool stack.

Who can use it

This template is suitable for sales professionals, including sales or business development representatives, who are actively seeking potential prospects or companies to engage with. In some cases, founders or business development professionals who want to explore partnership opportunities or pitch their product or service to relevant companies can use it as well.

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