{{Company}} <> {{Your_Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}}.

I came across your company on {{Source}} and was really impressed with the idea.

As you may know, one of the quickest ways to [Problem They Face] is [Problem You Solve].

I was just wondering, do you currently use any tools for [Your brief value proposition] at {{Company}}?
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Why it works

This template is effective because it starts with a positive and personalized introduction, acknowledging the prospect's company and expressing genuine interest in their idea, which helps establish a positive rapport. By mentioning a common problem they may be facing, it shows that you understand their challenges and offers a solution that aligns with their needs, demonstrating the relevance and potential value. The inquiry about their current tool usage allows you to gather information about their needs and preferences, shows a genuine interest in understanding their situation, and provides an opportunity for further conversation enabling you to tailor your pitch and position your solution as a valuable addition to their existing toolkit. This approach demonstrates a personalized and consultative approach, increasing the likelihood of engagement and meaningful conversations with the prospect.

When to use it

This template is suitable to use in outbound prospecting when reaching out to a startup or company you want to initiate a conversation with. It can be used to explore potential collaboration or offer a relevant solution targeting startups or companies that align with your product or service offering, and you want to engage them in a conversation about their current tools or solutions.

Who can use it

This template can be used by sales or business development representatives and lead generation professionals looking to engage with startups or companies they discover on relevant online platforms or listings. It is perfect for outbound prospecting campaigns when reaching out to businesses in the SaaS niche (as it suggests the software sales).

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