Love your [Project] project on GitHub
Hey {{FirstName}},

I'm an engineer at {{Your_Company}}. I came across your GitHub profile and really liked your [Project]. Very impressive! I wanted to see if you'd be interested in working with us at {{Your_Company}} — if you're up for it, I'd love to grab a coffee next week to chat?

Best regards,
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Why it works

This email template works for several reasons. Firstly, it shows the recruiter's appreciation for the candidate's work, demonstrating that they have taken the time to check out their projects and are genuinely interested in their skills. This personal touch is a great way to start a conversation and build rapport with potential candidates. Secondly, the job offer is presented in a friendly and informal way, proposing a coffee to discuss further, which creates a relaxed environment for an open and honest discussion about the position and the candidate's goals. Overall, the template is effective because it strikes a balance between being professional and personable. By reaching out to top talent on GitHub, the recruiter is showing that they are proactive and committed to finding the best candidates for the job. This template can also be easily adapted for other professions and platforms, making it an all-around tool for any recruitment effort.

When to use it

When you want to offer a job role at your business to a candidate whose work/project you've admired. This template was tailored to attract top engineers and other IT professionals who have profiles and projects on GitHub. While customizable for other professions, overall, this template works best when you are completely ready to offer the position in your team to the recipient candidate.

Who can use it

Recruiters, business representatives, and managers looking to attract top talent for their teams can use this template. It's especially ideal for smaller businesses, as it creates a very interpersonal connection based on a shared appreciation of the same industry. Businesses in other industries can easily use this template by customizing the profession and platform.

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