{{Company}} <> {{Your_company}}
Hi {{FirstName}}.

The reason for my outreach is that I've been viewing [Resource], and out of curiosity, I wanted to see how big {{Company}}'s {{Department}} team is.

If I'm not mistaken, the calculations say you should have around {{Department Size}} reps. Reply can help them all - [Short Value Prop].

Open to learning more? If so, I'm happy to jump on a 15-min call to see how we can help.

Either way, keep up the great work on building your {{Department}} team.
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Why it works

This email template is effective because it starts by grabbing the recipient's attention with personalized information about their team size, demonstrating that you have done your research. By showing genuine curiosity about their department relevant to your product, you create a sense of relevance and intrigue, increasing the likelihood of a response. The offer to help all their team members with your solution positions you as a valuable resource. By proposing a 15-minute call, you provide an opportunity to discuss their specific needs and tailor the solution further. This personalized approach shows your commitment to their success and fosters a deeper connection. Even if they decline the call, the initial outreach leaves a positive impression, making it more likely that they will keep your offer in mind when the need arises. Overall, this template combines personalization, curiosity, and a clear value proposition to maximize its effectiveness.

When to use it

Use this email template when targeting relevant prospective companies and seeking to establish a connection, learn more about their business, and showcase how your product can be of value to them. It is used best when you have insights into their team size and want to offer your solution that would genuinely help their business grow.

Who can use it

Sales representatives, account executives, or any other professionals involved in outbound sales can use this highly effective template. B2B companies that engage in personalized cold outreach to prospective clients can use this template to offer their solution and shortly describe their main value proposition to grab their attention.

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