Sales Roles in Detail: The Holiday Infographics

Sales Roles in Detail: The Holiday Infographics


In the everchanging space of sales tech, it's too easy to get lost in the structure and responsibilities of every sales job you encounter.

What is it that distinguishes an SDR role from BDR? Are the job functions of account executive and sales development representative interchangeable? What's the difference between Chief Revenue and Sales Officers?

To answer these (and many other) questions, we've come up with a simple yet extensive infographic to show who's who in the sales world and how to navigate the tricky paths of different roles & responsibilities. This information can prove very valuable when the time comes to interview candidates and find the perfect employees for your company.

Feel free to share more job titles in the comments and we'll update the infographics with these new data.

Happy Holidays from Reply team, and see you next year! 🙂

sales roles infographics
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