& Gong – SDR Leadership Masterclass: how to coach, motivate and challenge your team


According to SiriusDecision report, up to 80% of salespeople choose to leave a company because of a lack of connection with the leadership.

As a leader, you set the pace for your team’s performance. But it’s also up to you to offer proper coaching and help your team navigate their daily tasks while staying motivated and happy in their roles.

Whether you’re new to the leadership role or looking to level up your skills, tune in for a free SDR Leadership Masterclass on how to coach, motivate and challenge your SDR team.

During the masterclass we will share experience and actionable advice on:

  • How to organize effective SDR coaching for your new hires
  • Personal productivity tips and tools to help your SDRs organize their daily routine

Gabrielle Blackwell

Sales Development Manager at Gong

Having started in tech sales as an SDR and now as a Sales Development Manager, Gabrielle has the experience, expertise and empathy to build and cultivate top performing sales development teams while offering the professional guidance needed to retain top talent.

William Oleksiienko

SDR Team Leader at

As SDR team leader at on a mission to take the “cold” 🥶 out of cold outreach. Leading our small but mighty team, I am in charge of all things #salesdevelopment and #prospecting. But what really brightens up my days is the opportunity to experiment and build creative outreach strategies.