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Hi {{FirstName}},

You’ve probably gotten a lot of emails asking whether you’ve “...been chased by a T-rex 🦖 and haven’t had time to respond”, “... been kidnapped by pirates 🏴, so haven’t had a chance to reply” or “... been trapped by Christmas elves🎄”.

I just wanted to ask you if it makes sense to contact someone from {{Company}}’s {{Department}} team directly and see if they need such a tool?

Thank you for your time.
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Why it works

This email template stands out by infusing humor into the follow-up process, creating a memorable experience for the recipient. By playfully acknowledging common email clichés, you establish a relatable connection and differentiate yourself from other sales communications. The humor serves as an attention-grabbing element, increasing the likelihood of your email being read and remembered. The template's effectiveness lies in its ability to quickly transition from humor to the core purpose of the email. By proposing the idea of reaching out directly to the relevant department at their company, you demonstrate confidence and directness. This approach cuts through the noise and encourages the recipient to consider engaging in a conversation about their potential need for a specific tool or solution. It provides a refreshing and memorable follow-up experience that can enhance response rates and open doors for further discussion.

When to use it

Deploy this email template when following up on previous outbound sales emails to add a touch of humor and break through the monotony. It is particularly effective when initial outreach attempts have not received a response and you want to re-engage the recipient in a lighthearted yet direct manner. Use this template when targeting individuals in specific departments or roles who could potentially benefit from the tool or solution you offer.

Who can use it

Sales representatives, account executives, and business development professionals who are looking to inject humor into their follow-up emails can use this template. It is suitable for individuals targeting prospects who have shown interest but have not responded to initial outreach. This template is effective for engaging decision-makers and stakeholders in relevant departments who could potentially benefit from the offered tool or solution.

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