{{Company}} - {{Your_Company}}. Concerning your account
Hi {{FirstName}}.

It's {{Your_Name}} with {{Your_Company}}.
I’m writing to you because I noticed that you spoke with my colleagues some time ago regarding using {{Your_Company}} at {{Company}}.

I’m not sure if your team has already adopted something for [Problem They Face], but how about a quick walk-through of how {{Your_Company}} can help [Problem You Solve].

Worth re-exploring in {{quarter_from_now 1}} {{now_year}}?
Either way, have a wonderful {{today}}.
Use Template

Why it works

This email template is effective because it engages the recipient by referencing the recipient's previous interaction with the sender's colleagues. This personalization helps establish a connection and shows genuine interest in addressing the recipient's needs. By focusing on providing a solution rather than simply promoting their product or service, the sender demonstrates a customer-centric approach and offers value to the recipient. The email concludes with an open-ended invitation to re-explore the opportunity in the future. This allows for flexibility and acknowledges that circumstances may change over time. It also leaves room for the recipient to consider the proposal and initiate further discussion if they are interested. It maintains a polite and friendly tone while concisely conveying the purpose of the email and demonstrating the sender's commitment to addressing the recipient's needs.

When to use it

This email template is appropriate for various situations, including following up after initial contact, re-engaging with dormant leads, checking on unresolved needs, or exploring new possibilities. It is best used when there has been prior interaction or interest expressed by the recipient, and you want to continue the conversation, provide relevant information, and discuss how your company can meet their specific needs or challenges.

Who can use it

This email template can be used by sales representatives, business development professionals, or anyone in a customer-facing role who wants to reconnect with a prospect who has gone dark. It is particularly suitable for situations where there has been a previous interaction or interest expressed by the recipient. The template can be customized to fit various industries and target audiences, making it versatile for B2B and B2C contexts.

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