{{FirstName}}, [Your Company] @ {{Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}},

Thank you for your interest in {{Your_Company}}.

I'm sorry we were not able to connect for our scheduled call. If there is still interest in further evaluation of our platform, please reschedule our call for a time that works best for you.

I look forward to connecting and any opportunity to be of assistance.

Kind regards,
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Why it works

The effectiveness of this template lies in the combination of flexibility, positive tone, and prompt reaction It starts with gratitude for the recipient's interest in your company or product to demonstrate professionalism fostering a positive impression. The template offers the recipient the opportunity to reschedule the call at a time that is convenient for them. This flexibility demonstrates a willingness to accommodate their schedule and preferences, making it more likely for the recipient to engage in further discussions. By addressing the missed call promptly and offering a solution, the template demonstrates proactive engagement. The template maintains a friendly and professional tone throughout, conveying a genuine desire to connect and be of assistance. This fosters a sense of trust and open communication, creating a conducive environment for building a relationship with the recipient.

When to use it

This template is best used when a scheduled call with a potential client or prospect has been missed or could not take place as planned. It is appropriate to reach out promptly after the missed demo call to express gratitude for their interest in your product or service and offer the opportunity to reschedule.

Who can use it

This template can be used by sales representatives, business development professionals, or anyone in a similar role who is engaging with potential clients or prospects. It is suitable for individuals or teams responsible for scheduling and conducting calls or meetings with prospective clients, and who may encounter situations where a scheduled call was missed or could not take place as planned.

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