An addition to your article {{Topic}}
Hi {FirstName}.

{{You_Name}} from {{Your_Company}} here.

I loved your article on {{Topic}} – that’s a pretty solid list! What caught my attention are {{Competitor1}} and {{Competitor2}} you’ve listed there.

The thing is, my team has just launched our own {{Tool}}. {{ValueProp/Achievement}} so right now we’re trying to spread the word about it.

Is there a chance you could mention our tool in your article as well? I will gladly provide a short description text that’s in tune with your article.

In exchange, we will be happy to {{Benefit}}.

Best regards,
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Why it works

This template is effective because it starts with a personalized compliment to the recipient's article, demonstrating genuine interest in establishing a connection. By highlighting specific competitors mentioned in their article, you establish relevance and make the outreach more persuasive and relevant. The template then presents the opportunity for collaboration by introducing your own recently launched tool and highlighting its value or unique features. It also offers to provide a ready-made description that aligns with the recipient's content, making it convenient for them to include a mention or link to your tool. The proposition of mutual benefit further enhances its effectiveness, as it establishes a win-win opportunity for both parties involved. Overall, this template combines personalization, value proposition, convenience, and mutual benefit, making it compelling and effective in securing collaboration opportunities.

When to use it

This template is appropriate to use when you are seeking opportunities to have your tool mentioned or included in existing content that already attracts your target audience. By reaching out to the authors or publishers, you can propose a collaboration that benefits both parties, helping to increase visibility and generate interest in your tool.

Who can use it

This template comes in handy for SEO professionals and link-builders, marketers, startup owners, or anyone who wants to reach out to authors or publishers of articles or listicles related to their tool's niche or industry. It can be used by individuals or companies who have recently launched a tool or product and are looking to gain exposure and promote it.

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