Hey {{FirstName}}.

I just wanted to circle back around about being a guest on your podcast. 
If you have time on your schedule, I would love to chat this week.

P.S. Here are some examples of podcasts I have participated in for your reference: [Podcast 1], [Podcast 2] and [Podcast 3].
Use Template

Why it works

This template works effectively by utilizing a personalized and friendly tone to follow up on a podcast guest request. The inclusion of examples of previous podcast appearances in the postscript section adds credibility to the sender's request. It allows the recipient to evaluate the sender's expertise and suitability as a guest based on their prior podcast engagements. By expressing a desire to chat during the current week, the template demonstrates a proactive approach. This sense of urgency can motivate the recipient to prioritize the request and engage in a timely manner. The template delivers a concise and focused message, which is important for capturing the recipient's attention in a busy and fast-paced podcasting environment. Overall, it aims to capture the recipient's attention, foster a positive impression, and increase the chances of a favorable response.

When to use it

It is suitable to use this template when you have previously reached out to someone to be a guest on their podcast and are following up on that request. It is typically sent after a reasonable amount of time has passed since the initial outreach, usually a few days or a week, depending on the context and urgency.

Who can use it

This template can be used by individuals who are interested in being a guest on a podcast. It is applicable to a wide range of individuals, such as industry experts, influencers, entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders, marketers, and anyone who has valuable insights to share or wants to establish thought leadership.

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