An addition to your article {{Topic}}
Hey {{FirstName}},

Just a quick follow-up to make sure my previous email doesn’t fall through the cracks.

We have a pretty high DR so think this could be a great link swap opportunity for both of us.

Also, if you’re hesitant to link to our tool directly, there’s {{RelevantContent}}.

Would that be a better option?
Let me know.
Use Template

Why it works

This template is effective because it emphasizes the potential mutual benefit of a link swap opportunity. It acknowledges the previous contact to maintain continuity in the conversation and reinforces the initial email with added value. By mentioning the high domain rating (DR) of your website, you showcase its authority and indicate that collaborating with your site can be advantageous for the recipient as well. The email shows your flexibility thus increasing the chances of a positive response by suggesting an alternative to the initial request (linking to the relevant content instead of your tool product directly). The email is short and to the point, capturing the recipient's attention without overwhelming them with excessive information. The use of the recipient's first name adds a touch of personalization, making the email feel more genuine and tailored to their individual needs.

When to use it

Use this template as a follow-up email after sending an initial request for listicle inclusion if you haven't received a response. It is appropriate to use when you want to ensure that your previous email receives attention and to further explore the possibility of a link swap or alternative options, such as promoting relevant content.

Who can use it

This template can be used by individuals or companies who are reaching out to content creators, bloggers, or website owners to request inclusion in a relevant listicle or roundup post. It is particularly suitable for marketers seeking link swap SEO opportunities or looking to promote their relevant content for awareness-building purposes.

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