{{Your_Company}} // {{Company}}
Hey {{FirstName}}.

I understand that looking at [Your Product or Services] wasn't on your to-do list this week but I wouldn't be here if we weren't already helping other {{Department}} teams [Your brief value proposition]

Curious if you'd be open to learning how companies in the {{Industry}} space like {{Customer1}} and {{Customer2}} use {{Your_Company}}'s to increase {{Department}} team [Pain Point]?

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Why it works

This email template is effective in its business goal because it combines personalization, empathy, social proof, and relevance. By acknowledging that exploring your product or services may not have been a priority for the recipient, you demonstrate understanding and respect for their time. The mention of other companies in the same industry that you already serve serves as social proof, establishing credibility and trust. The email template works by capturing the recipient's attention through the mention of their pain point and offering a solution based on your track record with similar companies. By providing specific examples of how your solution has helped similar companies to increase their team's effectiveness, you showcase the value and relevance of your offering. The casual and relaxed tone creates an approachable and friendly atmosphere, inviting the recipient to consider exploring the possibilities further.

When to use it

This email template is best used as a follow-up to an outbound sales communication where you have identified a specific common pain point for similar firms in the industry. Use this template when aiming to reignite the recipient's interest, showcase the benefits of your solution through specific examples, and invite them to explore further how your company can address their needs.

Who can use it

Sales professionals, business development representatives, or individuals involved in outbound sales targeting specific industries and departments can use this email template. It is particularly suitable for industries where there are common pain points faced by companies. Use this template when seeking to establish social proof, build trust, and present a compelling case for your product or services.

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