{{FirstName}}, [Your Company] @ {{Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}}.

[Your FullName] from [Your Company] here.

I noticed that you booked a [Your Company] demo, but you haven't had a chance to connect with one of our product experts yet.

You must have been busy, and I'm curious - how about having the call later this week?

If not, let me know what works best.
Best Regards,
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{{FirstName}}, [Your Company] @ {{Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}},

I'm {{Your FullName}} from {{Your Company}}.

I saw you scheduled a demo but haven't connected with our experts yet. Busy times, I get it!

Would later this week work for a call?

Let me know your best time.

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{{FirstName}}, [Your Company] @ {{Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}},

This is {{Your FullName}} from {{Your Company}}.

I noticed you booked a demo but haven't had a chance to speak with our team. Understandable, things get hectic!

How about we reschedule for later this week?

Please let me know a suitable time.

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{{FirstName}}, [Your Company] @ {{Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}},

{{Your FullName}} from {{Your Company}} here.

I noticed you booked a demo with us but haven't connected with our product experts yet. Busy schedule, right?

Can we set up a call later this week?

Let me know what time works best.

Best regards,
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Why it works

This template is direct and personal, acknowledging the recipient's interest while recognizing their potential busy schedule. It invites action without pressure, making it more likely the recipient will engage.

When to use it

Use this template after a client has booked a demo but has not yet engaged in a follow-up discussion. It's ideal for re-establishing contact and offering flexible scheduling options to accommodate the client's availability.

Who can use it

This template can be effectively used by sales representatives, customer success managers, or anyone in a customer-facing role looking to increase engagement with prospective clients.

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