{{Company}} <> [Your Company]
Hi {{FirstName}},

It's [Your FullName] with [Your Company]. You spoke with my colleague [Specify AEs Full Name] some time ago regarding using our product at {{Company}} and you were interested in the ability to [Specify use-case based on AE’s discovery Call Notes].

While we have already helped other companies like [Customer1], [Customer2] and [Customer3] enable [Problem The Face], I felt you might be interested in streamlining {{Company}}’s processes as well.

No rush, but does this sound like something you’d be open to learning more about?

We would love to have you re-visit and test [Your Company] to help {{Company}} reach your [Department] goals for {{now_year}}.
Use Template

Why it works

This template personalizes communication by referencing previous interactions and demonstrating understanding of the client's needs. It highlights success stories to build credibility and gently nudges the recipient towards reconsideration, fostering a connection without pressuring.

When to use it

Use this template when re-engaging leads who showed interest in the past but didn't proceed with your service or product. It's most effective after an initial discovery call has provided insights into the potential client's requirements and challenges.

Who can use it

This template can be used by sales representatives, account managers, or anyone in customer-facing roles looking to rekindle interest in their company's offerings with previously engaged prospects.

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