June 2020 Reply Updates

June 2020 Reply Updates

As lockdowns start to ease up across the globe, it’s our turn to cheer you up with the latest Reply updates. From the revamped Reply platform to the latest new features – check out the June 2020 batch of improvements.

At Reply, we deeply care about the success of your business, its ability to scale operations and have access to the latest technologies. In the last nine months, we have been focused on improving the Reply platform for scalability, stability, and extensibility. Although mostly invisible for you, very important work has been done and we’re getting back to regular releases with new amazing features and improvements.

Today, we are excited to share the outcomes of our long-term work with you:

Revamped platform to scale operations

To support the needs of our customers to scale operations and business performance, we fully revamped the Reply platform; we rebuilt the database structure to optimize for speed and scalability, rewrote hundreds of database queries to increase execution speed to give you a lightning-fast UI experience. We improved codebase to allow for adding new features quickly, wrote thousands of automated tests to ensure platform stability, and streamlined our delivery process to release features quicker.

This means three important things for you:

  1. Reply is now ready for scaled operations: the platform is able to process higher volumes of data and sequences.
  2. You will notice the improved UI, API performance, and bulk operations such as data import, export, email validations, etc.
  3. We upgraded our technology stack and delivery so we can focus on building new cool features that you’ve been asking for so stay tuned for more updates this summer!

New email processing and Gmail API adoption for better deliverability

Another significant improvement we’ve been working on is the new email processing engine. Together with the new Gmail API for email sending and Branded links (they are available by request and will be rolled out within the next weeks for everyone) this will significantly improve email deliverability and decrease the risk of emails going into spam.

We are committed to providing the best email deliverability possible, so next in line are features like API integration for Outlook and Office 365 to accommodate the needs of our Outlook and Office 365 customers.

Within the next days, we will start moving customers to Gmail API email sending by default.

Free email search on LinkedIn via Reply’s Chrome extension

If you’ve missed Reply’s hottest update, here’s a recap. To help you combat a downturn in sales in light of the current world situation, we’ve released a free business email search on LinkedIn, which is available via the Reply Chrome extension.

It’s this easy: 

  1. Install the Reply Chrome extension and Name2Email plugin to enable email search. We are working on the merge of the two extensions for better UX and will update you on that shortly.
  2. Go to your LinkedIn or Sales Navigator account, filter the contacts that you’d like to find emails for and the Chrome extension will automatically start an email search for the whole list.
  3. Once the emails are found, you can save the list to your Reply account, push the contacts to a sequence, or download as a .CSV file.

Apart from the email search, Reply’s Chrome Extension can sync contacts from three CRMs: Salesforce, Copper CRM, and Hubspot, as well as your Gmail account. You can make calls and complete tasks that are automatically generated from sequence steps. Learn more in the video 👇

Reply & LeadFuze integration

We’re excited to announce a direct integration between LeadFuze and Reply!

Cold email campaigns start with a targeted list of contacts. LeadFuze helps you build that list with super-intuitive filtering and double-verified email addresses.

And now, you can send those leads directly into your Reply account to send your outreach emails.

Here’s how the integration works:

  • Sign up to LeadFuze to automatically discover leads in your target market.
  • Connect Reply so that those leads will automatically sync to your Reply sequence.
  • Have your lists AND your emails + follow-ups all set to autopilot.

To try it out LeadFuze gives get 50 leads free! This link will also get you bonus lead credits when choosing a paid subscription. The bonus will be dependent on the plan you choose.

Other new features and UI improvements

And finally, here’s a shortlist of cool new features and UI updates to learn more about:

  • We’ve extended the minimum delay between emails in processing to 20 seconds to minimize sending issues and help new users avoid getting into spam.
  • For Team Edition users, it’s easier to remove a team member – once the Team owner removes a team member, we automatically re-assign all sequences, contacts, templates and other entities to the team owner. You can learn more about how to remove a team member via this link. 
  • We’ve changed the logic of the ‘Called’ status assigning in Reply. From now on, the status is automatically assigned to contacts you have called to so that you can plan your next steps accordingly. Learn more about the contact statuses here. 
  • Another update to contact statuses – Reply won’t send emails to prospects with invalid emails. In other words, contacts with an invalid email status cannot be moved into a sequence with email steps. However, if a sequence has no email steps, you can move a contact with such status there. 
  • Team Edition users can now select which sequence to log a call if a contact is in two or more sequences at a time. To do this, select a sequence via the additional drop-down menu in the ‘Log a Call’ dialogue as shown on the screenshot below:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Reply Support team for help via support@reply.io or the in-app chat option in your account.

Stay tuned!

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