{{Company}} x {{Your_Company}} ({{now_quarter}} reconnect?)
{{Greeting | 'Hi'}}, {{FirstName}}!

Hope {{quarter_from_now -1}} finished successfully for you as {{Title}}. I'm sure your {{Department | 'sales'}} team is on fire!

I noticed that recently you spoke with one of my colleagues regarding potentially adopting Reply.io at {{Company}}. So, I’m reaching out to you again because something tells me we can help {{Company}}’s {{Department | 'sales'}} team {{Reply_Benefit | 'sell'}} more in {{quarter_from_now 1}}.

I believe sharing our insights and expertise is worth 15 minutes of your time.
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Why it works

This email template is effective because it establishes a personal connection, acknowledges previous interactions, showcases the sender's understanding of the recipient's needs, and offers valuable insights. The concise and friendly tone engages the recipient and conveys the potential benefits of adopting the product you’re selling, motivating them to invest just 15 minutes of their time. By using variables, such as the recipient's first name, department, company name, and time references, the template enables personalization for each recipient. Its overall objective is to reconnect, showcase the sender's understanding of the recipient's needs, and present a compelling case for further engagement and exploration of the product’s potential benefits. By referencing previous conversations, it establishes rapport and credibility. The concise and engaging tone, along with the promise of sharing insights and expertise, creates a compelling reason for the recipient to dedicate just 15 minutes of their time.

When to use it

Use this email template to reconnect with your churned trial leads. It is particularly useful in situations where there has been a previous interaction or interest shown in your product and you want to explore further opportunities with the prospect. By reaching out with this template, you can reestablish the connection, showcase your understanding of their needs, and offer your assistance in achieving their goals.

Who can use it

Sales professionals, business development managers, or anyone involved in sales and customer relationship management can use this template. It is suitable for reaching out to potential clients or existing contacts who have shown interest in adopting your product. The template allows professionals to demonstrate their understanding of the recipient's needs, offer expertise, and drive sales growth for their own company or clients.

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