Hi {{FirstName}}.

How's your {{day_of_week}} going?

I'm reaching out because I noticed that you have invited a few team members to your {{Your_Company}} account.

Are you and your colleagues available sometime this week to have a quick chat to see how {{Your_Company}} can help {{Company}} [Problem You Solve]?

Look forward to hearing from you and have a great day ????
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Why it works

This template works so well thanks to the relevance and problem-solving approach. By referencing the recipient’s recent activity in your product (team member invitation), the email captures the recipient's attention and indicates that the message is not a generic or automated outreach. It also acknowledges the recipient's specific business context by focusing on how your company can assist in addressing their current problem or challenge. This approach demonstrates that the sender has taken the time to understand the recipient's needs and is genuinely interested in providing valuable assistance. The email template ends with a clear call to action, suggesting a quick chat during the current week. By proposing a specific timeframe, it makes it easier for the recipient to consider and respond to the request, fostering engagement with the recipient.

When to use it

This template can be used when you notice that someone has recently invited team members to their account in your product. It is suitable for initiating a conversation to explore how you can provide assistance or solutions to address their specific problem or challenge. Timing-wise, it is best to use this template shortly after noticing the team member invitations to capitalize on the recipient's current engagement and interest.

Who can use it

This template can be used by sales representatives, business development professionals, or anyone in a similar role who wants to engage with potential clients or prospects who have recently invited team members to their account in your product. It is suitable for individuals or teams looking to offer their assistance, services, or solutions to nurture and engage product-qualified leads.

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