Jason AI Changes, Improved Integrations & Sequences, and More Reply Updates

Jason AI Changes, Improved Integrations & Sequences, and More Reply Updates

It’s been just a couple of weeks since Jason AI saw the world (which we hope you’ve had a chance to try out), but there are more exciting Reply updates coming your way!

This time we’re bringing you improved integrations, major changes to our Sequence experience, and the long-awaited Chrome Extension updates.

Let’s break it down in more detail.

Jason AI enhancements

Combining our AI capabilities and the power of ChatGPT, Jason AI – an intelligent sales assistant built into Reply – has brought a lot of new capabilities to our product.

Specifically, Jason AI takes care of the following:

  • creating unique emails based on a prompt,
  • building custom sequences with multiple steps and touchpoints,
  • handling email responses, i.e., replying to incoming messages on your behalf.


We hope you’ve had a chance to take Jason AI for a spin and you enjoy its assistance! But there’s more to come as we’re constantly fine-tuning this new feature to improve your experience. 

With this update, we’re bringing one important enhancement to Jason AI.

Ability to enable Jason AI without a meeting link

Based on the feedback we’ve gathered over the beta-test phase, one of the major requirements for Jason AI was to make it more accessible and easier to enable. As a result, we’ve implemented a couple of hotfixes to solve this issue.

  • You can now enable and use Jason AI without a meeting booking link.
  • Jason AI is enabled by default for all new sequences.

The changes are already implemented so if you’ve previously had any issues with accessing Jason AI, go ahead and give it another go!

Try Jason AI, Reply’s B2B sales assistant, to generate email sequences and respond to prospect emails on your behalf

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Improved integrations

Another aspect of our product we’re putting a major focus on is integrations. Namely, in the past few months we’ve been polishing our native Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive integrations to make them even more convenient and powerful. Here are some of the updates coming to Reply integrations with this release.

1. Pipedrive deals filter

If you’re tired of manual data entry slowing down your sales process, the Pipedrive<>Reply integration has a solution. With our Deal Filter feature, you can import contacts to Reply using deal-related filters. No more manual data entry, the Deal Filter streamlines your sales process and helps you close more deals.

2. Active Tasks trigger in Pipedrive

The Pipedrive integration now allows you to sync your active tasks from Reply to Pipedrive, giving you a complete overview of the upcoming activity for each contact. With the new trigger and action available, you can easily record planned activities for your contacts in Pipedrive to boost your productivity.

The trigger works with manual tasks, ensuring that all tasks are synced team-wide so your customer data is always up to date and well-organized. The ability to sync only active tasks allows you to focus on the upcoming tasks and improve your productivity.

3. Sync Contact Notes from Reply to Salesforce (Beta)

The improved Salesforce integration feature allows you to sync your notes seamlessly between Reply and the CRM. This helps you keep your contact and lead information up to date, accurate, and easily accessible. As result, you can better manage your customer relationships, and improve your customer satisfaction.  


The predefined field mappings and filtering rules make the process simple and user-friendly allowing you to streamline the workflow in general. Read more about this feature.  

4. Sync Active tasks to HubSpot (Beta)

This new feature in HubSpot integration allows you to sync your Active tasks from Reply to HubSpot effortlessly. With predefined field and owner mappings, you can easily execute your tasks on the HubSpot side for better task management. The filtering rules ensure that only relevant tasks are synced, making the process even more efficient.


With this feature, you can keep your customer data up to date and organized. The ability to sync tasks regularly ensures that users can stay on top of their tasks, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Learn more about this feature. 

5. Other Integrations updates

But there are more updates to streamline your workflows and enhance your customer engagement with Reply<>CRM integrations. 

  • Log activity for companies (not just contacts) in HubSpot. In other words, you can now log all of your activity with a contact from a specific company directly on both the contact’s and the company’s profile. This allows you to have a comprehensive view of all interactions with a company and its employees in one convenient location.
  • Show sequence step in the tasks generated from the sequence. With this feature, you get more context in Chrome extension to see which step of the sequence the task was generated from.
  • Ability to move the deal to a specific stage in Pipedrive for better deal management. With the new “Move the deal to the specific stage” action available, you can easily move your deals to any stage in the pipeline, not just the next one. This will help you make sure that your deals are accurately tracked and managed. Moreover, the ability to associate the action in Reply with the contact linked to the deal in Pipedrive will make your deal management process seamless and user-friendly.
  • Public API endpoint to get the clicks statistics for a particular link. Our Public API Endpoint provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions. This includes the ability to view the number of clicks for each specific link in your sequences. As a result, you can see which campaigns are resonating with your audience and optimize your efforts accordingly. No more guesswork, leverage the power of data with our Public API Endpoint for Link Clicks. Explore our API documentation to learn more. 
  • Account field in Zapier. Simply put, you get the ability to import prospects from Zapier and connect them to accounts in Reply for efficient lead generation and management. This will help your SDR team streamline their workflows, increase productivity, and generate more qualified leads.

Sequence changes

The heart and soul of our platform, Sequences in Reply is also getting some enhancements with this release. Here’s a quick overview of the changes we’re bringing to your Sequence experience.

1. Sequence click tracker & click filter (Beta)

Tired of guessing how your email campaigns are performing? Say hello to our new clicks tracker! With this feature, you’ll know exactly how your prospects are interacting with the links you send them, which ones are driving the most engagement, and how many times each link was clicked and at which step in the sequence. This will give you the data-driven insights to make informed decisions and take your email engagement to the next level.

What’s more, you can use our new filter to easily sort your prospect list based on their interactions with the links. Want to see who clicked on a specific link or find out who clicked more than a specific number of times? Simply apply the filter and voila! This powerful tool gives you a deeper understanding of your customer behavior and helps you make informed decisions about your email strategy. 

This feature will come in handy for SDRs/BDRs and especially agencies who may have different products under each link in a campaign.

2. Validate crucial sequence parameters before launching

This update aims to ensure seamless campaign execution by validating user accounts before sending out emails, social media messages, or SMS. With this feature, you can avoid the frustration and hassle of campaigns being interrupted because of missing or invalid entities.

Our validation system automatically checks if the user has an email address, social media account, or phone number. This way, you can rest assured that your campaigns are being sent to the right audience and your outreach efforts are not going to waste.

Updated Chrome Extension

An integral part of our product, our handy Chrome extension gets some long-anticipated updates as well! This time, we’re adding more flexibility to help you manage tasks more effectively.

1. Editing a phone number from the SMS task in Chrome extension

The new feature allows you to adjust phone numbers directly from the task, without going to the contact profile, helping you improve efficiency and productivity by streamlining the task process.

The feature only displays phone numbers used in the task, allowing users to modify them easily. We also validate the information to ensure that the user’s changes are accurate and reliable. Additionally, we’ve added a pop-up asking if the user would like to save the new phone number for the contact to make sure that the contact details are updated with the correct phone number.

This feature is available in both edit and launch views for SMS tasks, making it easily accessible for users. It helps you increase your efficiency, reduce time spent on task management, and ultimately improve your overall productivity.

2. Ability to choose in which platform to open Social tasks

The feature aims to provide flexibility to Reply users by allowing them to choose which professional social media platform they want to use to complete their tasks. In other words, you can select where the task will be opened and completed based on the contact’s links, ensuring a seamless experience. 


Additionally, the feature offers the ability to search for contacts in Sales Navigator and complete tasks, enhancing the user’s ability to manage their tasks efficiently across platforms.

Wrapping up

There you go! The listed Rely updates are the most significant ones from the recent releases. We encourage you to test them out and share your feedback. If you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements that we have in store for you in the upcoming weeks!

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