New in Reply: HubSpot Integration, Tasks Dashboard, and More

New in Reply: HubSpot Integration, Tasks Dashboard, and More


New year - new features! 🎉

One of our goals for 2021 is to make Reply the #1 sales engagement platform for SMBs. And we’re already working on it (unlike the rest of our New Year’s resolutions 🙄).

So, let me walk you through the updates we’re bringing to you with our January release.

Native HubSpot Integration

Let’s start with one of the much-anticipated additions to the platform – a native HubSpot integration. 

Unlike the previously available options, this built-in integration allows you to make the most of both platforms, easily connecting your accounts, syncing data, mapping fields, and automating complex workflows between HubSpot and Reply.

Hubspot integration page

Now, we’ll take a look at the specifics and capabilities of this integration. There are currently two integration profiles available.

Default profile

This is a safe sync option that has the settings already in place. This means you cannot change the settings, turn off, duplicate or delete synchronization steps, modify field mappings or filtering rules, change integration direction, etc., but you can still enable the integration and try it out with minimum risk.

The available synchronization steps for the Default profile are:

  • (from) Contacts in HubSpot - (to) People in Reply
  • (from) People in Reply - (to) Contacts in HubSpot

Custom integration profile

This option allows you to create a custom integration between HubSpot and Reply, including flexible integration options.

The possible synchronization steps for such profiles include:

  • (from) Contacts in HubSpot - (to) People in Reply
  • (from) People in Reply - (to) Contacts in HubSpot
  • (from) People Statuses in Reply - (to) Lead Statuses in HubSpot
  • (from) Inbox Categories in Reply - (to) Lead Statuses in HubSpot

For more information on how to set up and use the integration (as well as existing limitations) see this article.

The integration is currently available in Beta, but we are planning to make a number of improvements and make it available to all users within the next two months. So stay tuned 😉.

Ready to try the new Hubspot integration?

Log into your Reply account or create a new one

New in Reporting: Tasks Dashboard

As you may know, we’ve recently introduced the Calls dashboard to make it easier for you to see the key metrics related to your logged calls (as well as calls from the other team members) at a glance.

In addition to that, we’re now introducing the new Tasks dashboard on the Reports page (currently available in Beta).

Tasks statistics for the Team

The Tasks dashboard includes the following sections:

  • Overview featuring the total number of tasks divided into separate metrics for each task type. You can sort tasks by created and completed types as well as different time frames.
  • Tasks per team member – i.e., the list of your team members sorted by the total number of tasks (created or completed) for the selected time period.
  • Tasks by type chart to analyze created or completed tasks based on the filter you choose.
  • Created and completed tasks charts that allow you to compare how many tasks of each type have been created and how many have been completed over a certain period of time.
Created and completed tasks dashboard
  • SMS stats detailing the SMS activity of your team – i.e., the number of sent SMS messages, replies, created and completed SMS tasks, and their ratio.
SMS Stats Dashboard in Reply

The dashboard makes it easy to sort tasks by type, i.e. Created and Completed, as well as different time frames, such as last week, last month, last year, and all time

You can also drill down on any metric, username, or chart on the Tasks dashboard to see the detailed info based on the selected filters.

Team tasks overview

There’s also the Export button so you can easily export the data you need for the selected time period.

Read more about the Tasks dashboard here.


More icing on the cake

Along with the HubSpot integration and Tasks dashboard, we’ve also added a bunch of minor updates to the platform, including:

  • BCC option in the Step Editor

To allow our users to set different BCCs for each sequence, we have added the BCC field in the step editor. The BCC field is available in the automatic and manual email steps. The emails entered in the BCC field override the global BCC setting per email account.

  • Variables button for the Subject Field

We’ve also added the Variables button to the subject field for email steps and the template subject on the Templates page. This will help you add a more personal touch to your emails by including different variables in your subject lines.

  • Connecting an Exchange email account via Autodiscover

Now you can quickly and easily connect your Exchange email account to Reply. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to do this in this article.

Wrapping up

Although this update isn’t the biggest one, we really hope that our new HubSpot integration and the Tasks dashboard will give you a head start and contribute to your productivity in the coming months. 

For our part, we’re just gearing up and will soon bring you more exciting updates. Can’t wait to show you what else we have in the works 🤞

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