Reply Becomes a Multichannel Sales Engagement Platform

Reply Becomes a Multichannel Sales Engagement Platform

Personal emails are still the most impactful channel in business communications, but it is definitely not enough to get maximum out of your outreach efforts. For instance, for a sales workflow (apart from sending emails), sales reps can’t skip calling prospects and connecting with them on social media. As a result, lists of daily tasks get longer and longer.

Today, with our first major product update in two years, Reply becomes a multichannel sales engagement platform to help you orchestrate a mix of automated and manual communication touchpoints – voice, personal emails, and social touches, and create a personalized sales journey for your prospects.

Excited? We are too! Cards on the table, it’s time to reveal the list of Reply’s new features:

1. Multichannel sequences
2. Chrome extension
3. Cloud calls
4. Vidyard GoVideo integration
5. More features and product updates to come!

Multichannel sequences

Reply’s email Campaigns are now Multichannel Sequences. The new feature is designed to automate various sales communication channels – automated or manual emails, voice calls, social touches, meetings or simply ‘To Do’ tasks.

Sequences are a repeatable number of steps over different communication channels with delays between each step. Move your contacts via integrations, API, Zapier, or manually drop them into a sequence. Each contact will go through the same process and will be contacted at the right time via different channels for multichannel engagement as defined in your sales playbook.

Multichannel sequences eliminate daily work hassles for every customer-facing role: SDRs, Sales Reps, Recruiters, Account Execs and, Customer Success. Unlike other multichannel platforms, Reply will send emails for you, schedule calls and provide voice capabilities, help to nail messaging, analyze your results (and your team’s) and help to improve them.

Once a sequence is set up and live, you will receive a daily fresh stream of leads who respond to emails, a list of calls to make and tasks to fulfill, in order to build long-lasting relationships with your prospects and nail more business.

Another unique feature among multichannel platforms is that you can set up a sequence in manual, mixed (where some of the steps are manual and some are automated) or fully automated modes, specific to your product offering or target audience.

New sequences also will leverage brand new email processing, built for scalability and better performance, which we are launching at the same time.

Multichannel sequences are available by request for all Reply users, to enable the feature please contact support.


What’s included in Multichannel sequences:

  • Email, call, and task steps
  • Updated sequence wizard
  • Improved A/B testing
  • Social touches
  • Multichannel sequence templates
  • Advanced sequence management

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Chrome extension

Discover and engage your prospects wherever you are. With Reply’s new Chrome Extension, you can discover your potential prospects in Gmail, LinkedIn, or just browsing the web.

Once you’ve found a prospect, leverage our native or third party capabilities to find emails and phone numbers are included right in the extension allowing you to move your prospects into a sequence and start generating hot leads for your business.

With the extension, you can bring context, communications history and the ability to reach out to the prospect via email, calls or social networks as a part of your multichannel engagement efforts. Just hover over the prospect name or email and we will show you the prospect profile, or open their LinkedIn page and gather all the data you need, which is convenient and saves a lot of your time.

One more use case for Gmail users: send an email in Gmail and move a contact to a follow-up sequence in Reply. The extension will show you the prospect profile once you’ve engaged in a thread with the prospect or customer.

Keep productivity high with daily tasks that are always at your fingertips. The extension’s tasks dashboard shows whom and how to engage on a daily and weekly basis. Sequences in Reply will generate them based on your organizational playbook and you can act proactively to achieve the best possible results.

Already spending a lot of time in your CRM? Reply’s Chrome extension works with them too! Just use the extension in a window mode and get the best of two worlds without compromising on user experience.

What’s included in the Chrome extension:

  • Task dashboard
  • Contact profile, activities, and actions
  • LinkedIn data extraction
  • Cloud calls from the extension
  • Contact search
  • Integrated email and phone search
  • Window mode
  • Gmail compatible
  • Reply templates in Gmail composer

Cloud calls

With the new release, we’re introducing Cloud Calls to help you connect faster with current customers or prospects.

Built on top of Twilio technology, Reply’s Cloud calls include features such as renting phone numbers, a click-to-call dialer, local presence, inbound calls transfer, custom caller ID, call recording and listening. Available for users on all plans as an add-on, Cloud calls will work in the Reply UI and in our new Chrome Extension with Gmail, LinkedIn, or your CRM.

Most options are available for US and Canada, but we also support international calls and rented numbers for most countries.

Cloud calls is a team-based feature as teams will benefit from handling voice communication together to reach their prospects. Call tasks generated by sequences belong to one team member and can be shared with multiple reps to handle workload based on contact ownership.

And finally, Cloud calls are free for Reply users until November, 1st!

What’s included in Cloud Calls:

  • VoIP calls via a browser
  • Click-to-call from Reply UI and Chrome Extension
  • Call Dialer
  • International calls and numbers support
  • Local dial
  • Calls recording and listening
  • Custom Caller ID
  • Logs for direct and sequence calls
  • Inbound calls transfer

Vidyard GoVideo integration

With this release, we introduce our newest integration between Reply and Vidyard, a leading video hosting and personalization platform. In your email templates and sequences, you will be able to add videos from Vidyard to emails and level up your engagement game.

Vidyard videos appear as a native video in an email but linked to a video on a hosting platform, such videos engage customers and prospects and track their engagement with the videos as well.

On the Reply side, you can analyze which videos and emails are opened more frequently and fetch higher reply rates. On the Vidyard side, track video engagement metrics such as the number of views, unique views, clickthroughs, minutes viewed, regions and, device coverage.

With the new Vidyard and Reply integration, you can drive more engagement via personalized intros, product demo recordings, testimonials, and video presentations. Keep your outreach and deals flowing by standing out with video! Learn more about the cases here.

Coming soon features and product updates

  • Conditional Variables for Templates
  • Calendar management
  • Improved reporting
  • Calls reporting
  • Integration Updates (Salesforce and Copper CRM)
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Data enrichment
  • Gmail API email sending and tracking
  • Native In-app Onboarding

The strategy vision

In order to educate our customers and partners on the best ways to leverage Reply for sales acceleration and engagement, we are excited to present a new framework of continuous growth and business results improvement – Discover, Engage, Execute, Improve. The framework covers the whole sales workflow split into the four main stages: prospect discovery from various sources, outreach activities to engage prospects, daily tasks execution and result improvement by analyzing stats, utilizing A/B testing, and more.

As strong believers of working smart as much as working hard, these updates (and future updates) to our platform will put emphasis on providing automated or AI-based ways of making things happen for processes that have been viewed as manual processes in the past. These updates will work together to drive SDR, BDR’s and Recruiters productivity.

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