Ridiculous Cold Email Templates That Guarantee A Response

Ridiculous Cold Email Templates That Guarantee A Response


Marketers and entrepreneurs that got involved in an incline startup seem to know that a cold email template is an excellent way to obtain their first couple of sales.

They don't have many people who are waiting at the doorsteps of their store that could almost knock it down or a vast network on LinkedIn because what they do is something people desperately need.

The key is to create the demand in a brilliant, creative and fun way.

It is a good thing that a cold email can be just like that.

“It is a captivating masterpiece that is very beneficial to obtain sales and manage SEO if you only know how to do it right.”


Here are some examples of ridiculous cold email templates that guarantee a response.

Anyone who can read this email from Ryanair will be amused.

It was sent one or two days right before the election in the US which gave it perfect timing.

Even the subject was humorous too, “Even Hillary wouldn’t delete this email”.

This type of email can speak to the interests and the sense of humor of people.

In fact, there is not a single best cold email that could work for every situation and every person.

The best cold emails are those that are well targeted and highly personalized, and which indicate the primary principles of human communication:

  • Cheerfulness/positivity
  • Helpfulness
  • Honesty
  • Respect


Here is another email along with the reply:

The response rate of this kind of email will reach around 80% and will have a good percentage of shares on social media.

Here’s why it works:

  • Short and sweet.
  • Good email headline which involves their post and promotes click through.
  • Provides a link they can share.
  • Provides specific details on why the sender values their article. It validates that the sender has read his/her content and that he/she is not patronizing them.
  • Does not ask them to share the link. It is important because those people don't know the sender personally. He is doing them a favor first, without requesting something from them in exchange.


Here is another silly cold email by 8Tracks which is a short and sweet B2C newsletter.

The email is engaging because of its pure honesty and no-bullshit approach, and just being confident and quirky.

It’s such a great copy that you receive this email, and you could feel as if you already know the writer for months.

Here is another cold email that won over the founder of BranchOut sent by the founder of HustleCon.

This email is different right from the very first phrases.
It eschews all conventions and is just simply fun.

It’s the kind of email sent by a hustler, which is what HustleCon precisely is all about.

Here’s what makes it engaging:

  • No one can deny that you can’t ignore that first line. A marketer should keep in mind that what doesn't stand out gets forgotten. Sam mentions the founder of BranchOut, who is Rick Marini, and his barely known past, and the two hundred thousand dollar job he refused means he comes across as genuine and not just all rant.
  • A quick introduction of what the email includes is all bundled up in one sentence. Sam plays the ego of Rick by telling him that he can just come and spread the Marini gospel. He is aware that entrepreneurs who have reached Rick’s level of achievement care more about the influence and their knowledge rather than making money.
  • He does not write a five hundred word letter just to explain, but instead, provides a link to a page that tells more about the conference.


What you can learn from this email is to have fun, and reflect the image of your brand through the language you use.

“If you are branding yourself as a youthful and fun alternative to congested conventional conferences, never use the same congested, conventional language in your emails.”


Here is another example of a cold email.

John sent an email to Noah about his piece in the Art of Manliness mentioning Noah Kagan, the founder of AppSumo.

For a follow-up composition, he requested to have an interview with Noah about the significance of failure.

Here is the email:

  1. John states the recent interaction that he had with Noah on another platform. It is a nice way to remind the recipient that you already have some connection and you are not some stranger.
  2. It is necessary to reassure a busy person that you won’t consume half of his day with your request. John clears this by stating that the interview will only take just five to seven minutes of Noah’s time.
  3. John mentions Andrew Warner, the founder of Mixergy and about his recent post on Forbes. It only means two things, and it indicates that Noah and Joan have a common connection and that John’s work seems to be in respected publications like Forbes.
  4. More name dropping.
  5. John already knows that Noah truly loves tacos.


From this email, it is better to mention any common contacts you might have.

Even a distant bond is better than no connection at all.

Here is another ridiculous cold email template that could guarantee a response from bloggers or journalist.

For this template, you must have these two things, an entertaining story, and an individual who is willing to tell it.

For finding a person who can write, watch your Twitter feed, or initiate a conversations using some cold email templates to see if any journalist, bloggers, and writers who are looking to cover stories which are similar to yours.

Here is an example template of the email:

  1. State how you discover the story idea, whether it’s on their public Twitter feed, via email or on their blog.
  2. Mention your story in just a few words as possible.
  3. Inform them how this connects into the topic that they also want to write, plus the outcomes from your story.



A lot of email inboxes get clogged, and a lot of marketers want to gain attention.

However, it is still the most excellent platform on which to make sales.

Many websites, like linkvistadigital.com, take the time in personalizing their emails for getting a higher chance of gaining prospects.

When everyone else is sending out thousands of emails having the same bodies and subject lines, you will know how to research deeper to your prospects to identify exactly how to get their attention, especially for SEO management.

Patrick Panuncillon

Patrick Panuncillon is an entrepreneur and an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing. He is the founder and CEO of LinkVista Digital Inc. and has launched various campaigns incorporating with different companies locally and abroad. He loves to write and develop young minds to become successful in their chosen field.
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