30+ Sales Events You Can’t Miss in 2023

30+ Sales Events You Can’t Miss in 2023

2023 has already proved to be a disruptive year for the world of sales with the AI advances and increasing buyer expectations, ushering in new opportunities and challenges. 

To keep up with shifting industry trends and stay on top of their game, sales professionals should always be on the lookout for the top sales events. The international sales community is massive. So it only makes sense that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sales events each year. How do you single out the best ones?

We’ve picked some of our favorites (listed in no particular order) to make it easier for you to fill your calendar with some worthwhile sales events for the rest of 2023. 

Note: Now that we’re over halfway through the year, many of these awesome events have already passed, but don’t you worry – we’ve updated the links with on-demand recordings for you to enjoy at your convenience. 

Why attend sales events?

What’s the value of attending sales conferences when you could just read a book or listen to a podcast? 

  • Networking with other like-minded, motivated professionals in sales or other industries is top of the list. Nowadays, your network is your net worth.
  • Learning and developing your individual skills (as part of your sales training and coaching efforts) in a professional yet friendly, informal environment is a great way to grow. 
  • Keeping up with new industry trends, challenges, and solutions helps you stay ahead of the game both personally and as a company. 

So, without further ado, here are our top sales events you shouldn’t miss in 2023.

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Sales Events 2023: Our top 10 picks

1. 2023 Sandler Summit (available on-demand)

????  March 16-17

???? Hybrid: Orlando, FL/Online

The 2023 Sandler Summit in the Sunshine State is a worthy sales event for professionals looking to network and gain some top-class training all in one place.

The Sandler Summit focuses on sales and leadership, attracting professionals from all over the world to share and learn sales strategies and processes.

This mega-event is a hybrid, meaning virtual attendees who can’t make the trip are more than welcome to tune in.

This event covers: 

  • Innovative training sessions by industry-leading experts.
  • A two-day educational experience for businesses of all sizes.
  • Actionable tactics, strategies, and takeaways to grow your business, your team, and yourself.

2. Sales Enablement Summit (available on-demand)

???? March – November

???? In-person: multiple locations

Perhaps one of the biggest sales conferences of the year with over 10 locations ranging from London to New York and Sydney, events are organized by the Sales Enablement Collective – the global community of revenue leaders.

With over 200 expert speakers and hundreds of presentations, panels, workshops, roundtables, and more, there will definitely be something in store for everyone attending.

This event covers: 

  • “Leveraging your sales methodology for internal selling” 
  • “Understanding the importance of metrics to prove ROI” 
  • “Finding creative solutions to common enablement challenges” 
  • “The science of creating a memorable onboarding program” 

3. She Sells Summit (available on-demand)

???? April 6

???? Online

A sales event dedicated to women in sales, who still make up less than 20% of senior-level positions in the industry. This is a great environment for women in sales from all industries, countries, and communities to get together “with a singular voice focused on increasing women, diversity, and inclusion in sales, as well as in sales leadership.” 

This annual event takes place online, making it easy for everyone wishing to join, and is hosted by some of the top sales leaders. 

This event covers: 

  • representing women in sales and leadership  
  • B2B sales tactics to grow revenue  
  • discussions on creating a vision for the future

4. Sales AI Summit (available on-demand)

???? April 12

???? Online

This exclusive 5-hour virtual sales event is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on. The Sales AI Summit brings together all the forward-thinking professionals looking to explore how AI is permanently changing the sales industry and how to embrace it to the fullest.

Rest assured that you’ll be in good company, as this event brings together some of the top sales experts and thought leaders in the world, including David Dulany, Thibaut Souyris, Richard Harris, Mark Hunter, Tom Slocum, Will Alfred, Jake Dunlap, Guillermo Blanco.

With real-life use cases from some of the most innovative companies, the Sales AI Summit takes you from vision to action by offering fresh ideas, the best AI tech, and blueprints to power up your business with AI.

This event covers: 

  • How conversational AI is changing the sales industry [panel discussion]
  • 5 steps to using AI (and GPT-4) to book meetings [workshop]
  • How to predict customer behavior and drive sales with AI [presentation]
  • How to double your sales pipeline with AI in 2 months [workshop]
  • 5 proven AI-powered lead generation strategies [presentation]

Explore real-life use cases for AI in sales and drive the change at Sales AI Summit.

Watch on-demand

5. Sales Innovation Expo

North America

September 20-21

In-person: Los Angeles, CA


November 29-30

In-person: London

As inferred from the title, this sales conference is centered around innovation and inspiration. Sales engagement, enablement, intelligence, leadership, tools, and techniques will all be discussed during these lively 2-day events. 

With hands-on case studies and live demos, every attendee will at the very least get recharged and inspired to continue their sales journey, but perhaps even leave the event with buzzing new ideas for their business. 

The Sales Innovation Expo is ideal for sales professionals of all levels, from beginners to executives, and will take place in both LA and London so everyone can attend. 

This event will cover:

  • Panel discussion: Latest trends and innovations in sales 
  • Hands-on masterclasses to apply new knowledge to your business growth 
  • Building the A-team: How to make every seller, your best seller 
  • Master B2B guided selling 
  • Marketing vs Sales: How to bridge the eternal gap

6. Forrester B2B Summit


October 10-11

Hybrid: London/Online

North America:

May 5-8 2024

Hybrid: Austin, TX/Online

The Forrester B2B Summit is the perfect event for B2B businesses looking to refuel their sales and marketing strategies in the ever-changing B2B landscape. 

Based on innovative research, hands-on case studies, and inspiring keynote speakers, this event promises to help companies “uncover endless possibilities to drive measurable impact.” 

The Forrester B2B Summit will take place in the US and the UK, both providing the option to join online. While the value of this sales event may turn out to be priceless, keep in mind that the event itself is pricey. 

This event will cover:

  • Account-based selling with technology 
  • Must-have features of sales readiness 
  • Managing the buyer experience 
  • Aligning Sales, Marketing, and Product

7. SES Experience 2023

October 2-4

In-person: San Diego, CA

SES Experience 2023 is a well-known global conference for sales enablement professionals. By uniting experts, peers, and visionaries, this event offers a transformative 3-day journey packed with over 30 diverse discussions, presentations, and workshops. 

This event capitalizes on networking by creating a top-class environment for sales professionals and leaders from all over the world to make connections and share knowledge in a friendly, informal environment. 

This event will cover:

  • 30+ diverse sessions, including interactive workshops
  • Partner marketplace expo for networking 
  • Cocktail hour and a closing night party 

8. Sales Development Excellence 2023

October 26 


Sales Development Excellence is the virtual sales conference of the year. For the 3rd consecutive year, this event is held by some of the top sales leaders in the industry and dedicated to absolutely all sales professionals looking to excel in 2024.

Tune in for free from the comfort of your home or office and join hundreds of fellow SDRs and sales leaders for a single-day virtual event to share your experiences and learn from each other.

This event will have something for everyone – keynotes from industry thought leaders, expert roundtables, and hands-on workshops to supercharge your sales skills and pave the way to excellence, together.

This event will cover: 

  • Precise prospect targeting and discovery
  • Cold email hacks to book more meetings
  • AI-powered sales engagement masterclass
  • The multichannel success formula
  • How to unlock your SDR team’s potential

Enjoy 3 hours of keynotes from industry thought leaders, expert roundtables, and hands-on workshops.

Save your spot now

9. Surf & Sales X 

???? November 27 – December 1

???? In-person: Playa Grande, Costa Rica 

It’s always summer somewhere, right? For those sales professionals looking to combine their next event with some fun and traveling – Costa Rica is hosting a 5-day sales surf retreat packed with daily conferences and workshops. 

As you can tell by the name, you’ll also get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a break from the daily grind and surf the magical waves of Central America (don’t worry, training will be provided!). But all fun aside, the Surf & Sales X is a great chance to sharpen your sales skills and come back recharged with new knowledge, experiences, and connections. 

This event includes:

  • Daily sales trainings & leadership workshops 
  • Deluxe beach-front housing & healthful meals 
  • Sales coaching sessions (including one-on-one)

10. Sales Engagement Summit 2023

???? December 6

???? In-person: London

This full-day sales event is broken down into over 30 compact and valuable discussions, presentations, and case studies with networking lunch and coffee breaks in between. 

While the focus is on effective sales engagement, this summit will cover virtually every aspect of the B2B buyer journey, so we’re fairly confident that every sales professional should consider going. 

A vast lineup of expert speakers, free entry, and a goldmine of knowledge – what’s not to like? 

This event will cover:

  • Transforming sales habits – lessons learned  
  • Adapting for economic uncertainty: a B2B leaders guide 
  • The state of sales enablement in 2023 
  • The future of sales and marketing enablement

More sales conferences to add to your calendar

These are our top 10 picks, but it goes without saying that there are many other truly amazing sales events happening throughout the year.  Below you’ll find a list of all the other great sales conferences that we believe will be of interest and value to all sales professionals looking to grow and network (also chronologically sorted): 

Events by Sales Confidence will provide SDRs, BDRs, and sales newcomers with the knowledge and new connections to accelerate their careers in B2B SaaS sales. There are multiple events to choose from taking place in London. 

“This intimate event is built for the career sales professional who is looking to go from Good to Great with insights and inspiration from those who’ve already been to the top to help guide the way.” Attendees will also get access to an exclusive virtual sales community with industry experts.

Startting with the Allego Sales Success Summit, Allego offers a wide choice of events and webinars with hundreds of sales leaders and professionals to discuss innovative ideas to get the most value from your sales enablement efforts and make lasting connections. 

A sales event by Tenbound specifically designed for SDRs, covering job-specific topics such as cold calling skills, video prospecting, personalization at scale, objection handling, and many more, this is ideal for SDRs looking to level up their direct day-to-day activities.  

This event targets sales leaders looking for strategic and actionable insight on improving existing sales processes and revenue growth. The speaker list won’t leave anyone disappointed with a mix of top VPs and CEOs from leading companies.  

SaaStr is the #1 SaaS event of the year, and what SaaS company could possibly flourish in today’s business landscape without a rock-solid sales team? This is the absolute ideal community event for sales professionals in the SaaS industry.

“INBOUND is HubSpot’s annual event, and it’s one that you don’t want to miss if you’re in sales, marketing, or customer experience. The event is filled with workshops led by industry experts, inspiring events, and fun experiences.” 

Preceding the casual meet-and-greet with some warm English appetizers and a prize drawing ceremony, the National Sales Conference will present 4 separate paths uniquely designed for different sales professionals, from AEs and SDRs to Heads of Sales and Business Owners.  

In today’s business climate, where sales and marketing teams join forces to close more deals, the ICAMS 2023 is an event that capitalizes on this fusion. Ideal for marketing and sales professionals from all industries to supercharge their skills for the year ahead and enjoy magical Rome while they’re at it. 

  • DreamForce 2023 (September 9-12, San Francisco / Online on SalesForce+) 

DreamForce is an annual recurring event hosted by SalesForce, and this year – its main focus is AI. Bringing together visionaries, AI experts, and global leaders from various industries, this is a fantastic opportunity for all sales professionals to get new insights and perspectives on the shifting business climate and how it affects sales activities. 

Events coming back in 2024

Since this blog post was first published back in February, some of the listed events have already passed. But don’t worry, the best of them are coming back next year! Here are the recurring events to save for 2024.

DigitalNow Revenue Summit is a hybrid mega-event bringing together all disciplines that play a role in modern-day sales – inside sales, digital sales, field sales, marketing, enablement, and customer success.  At this event, entire teams can prepare for today’s 90% digital engagement selling environment with key insights and real-life case studies. 

Great news for all sales professionals in Europe – the two-day Sales Summit conference will take place again in Hamburg next spring. This is a huge opportunity for sales leaders and enthusiasts to meet leading experts and tap into the world of innovation and digitalization for B2B sales. 

Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference is the sales event of the year for top-level sales leaders and executives. The main focus point of the conference – strategize innovative ways to drive sales revenue in a time of such economic uncertainty. This is a fantastic opportunity for sales leaders to gain unique, data-driven, and actionable insights and innovative guidance to navigate their sales teams and businesses to success. 

  • LeadsCon (April 8-10, Las Vegas, NV) 

While LeadsCon is positioned as a marketing event, generating and converting leads is very much the backbone of sales activities as well. Great chance to network with professionals from different departments and business verticals.  

Past sales events available on demand

Can’t wait for your event to come along? Looking for some inspiration or convincing on whether to go? 

Completely understandable, which is why we’ve gathered a few of the best and most recent on-demand sales conferences for you to get a sneak peek: 

Wrapping up 

It may be a tad intimidating to choose which sales events to attend. Hopefully, there will be a couple in this list that are perfectly suited for you.

If you’re still hesitating about whether to attend a certain event or not, our answer would be a big fat DO IT! 

Every event is a great opportunity to hang out with like-minded professionals, make new connections, stay on top of industry trends and innovations, and most importantly – grow as an individual. 


Don’t see your conference on the list? Contact us at elen@reply.io to get featured.

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