Free {{ContentUpgrade}} for {{Website}}
Hey {{FirstName}},

Were you interested in learning more about that {{Insert_ContentUpgrade}} I mentioned?

I forgot to post the link in my last email, but you can find it here:

As I mentioned before, I think {{Insert_ContentUpgrade}} could be a huge help to your audience, particularly with {{Insert_AudienceProblem}}.

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Why it works

The effectiveness of this email template lies in its friendly and kind tone, which creates a favorable impression and encourages a response. This follow-up is perfect to remind your link-building offer by keeping it short, and on point, and including more info on the purpose and value proposition of your outreach. Providing the direct link to the content upgrade or collaboration in this follow-up email makes it easy for the recipient to access and evaluate the offer. Moreover, by highlighting how the content upgrade can address their audience's problem, you demonstrate its relevance and potential value to them. Recipients will be more likely to engage by reminding themselves of the potential value of your proposed content upgrade or collaboration. Overall, this template fosters a positive and helpful conversation, increasing the likelihood of a favorable response and further content collaboration.

When to use it

Use this email template when you have sent an initial link-building email but haven't received a response. Using this follow-up email serves as a gentle reminder to ensure that the recipient has all the necessary information to evaluate the offer and take action. Timing is crucial, so send this template within a reasonable timeframe after the initial email to keep the conversation active and productive.

Who can use it

This email template can be used by professionals involved in PR, link-building, SEO, and marketing. If you are seeking to build backlinks, collaborate with other websites, or promote your content to a wider audience, this template is suitable for you. Whether you are a content marketer, SEO specialist, digital marketer, or business owner, this email template can help you follow up effectively and foster meaningful connections with potential collaborators or partners.

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