{{Company}} <> {{Your_company}}
Hey {{FirstName}},

{{Your_Name}} from {{Your_Company}} introducing you to our partner program.

Would you be open for a call to see how {{Company}} can benefit from joining {{Your_Company}}’s Reseller program? (As an incentive: you will receive a recurring monthly commission on every customer you refer to us, 20%-30% for life)

Looking forward to speaking with you.
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Why it works

This email template is highly effective in expanding reseller partnerships. It grabs the recipient's attention with a personalized introduction. By highlighting the benefits of joining your company’s reseller program, such as a recurring monthly commission of 20% to 30% for customer referrals, it presents a compelling opportunity backed by data. The success of this template lies in its ability to clearly communicate the advantages of the proposed collaboration. It establishes trust through its personalized tone and showcases how the recipient company can leverage your company’s resources, expertise, and customer base for mutual growth. By utilizing this email template, you can enhance your business development efforts and forge valuable partnerships. Its persuasive content and appealing commission structure position your reseller program as a win-win venture. This template serves as a powerful tool to initiate conversations and nurture relationships that drive long-term success.

When to use it

Utilize this email template for reseller program and partnership follow-ups. It's ideal when you want to reconnect with potential partners, inviting them to explore the benefits of joining your company's reseller program. Use it after an initial introduction or when there's a shared interest in collaboration. This template helps you initiate a conversation and schedule a call to discuss how both companies can mutually benefit and drive growth.

Who can use it

Professionals in business development, sales, and partnership management can effectively employ this email template. It caters to individuals and organizations seeking to expand their reseller program or establish strategic partnerships. Whether you're a startup, small business, or established enterprise, if you're looking to build a network of resellers or explore collaboration opportunities, this template provides a compelling approach to engage potential partners and drive business growth.

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