{{Your_company}} <> {{Company}}
Hey {{FirstName}},

I’ve heard amazing things about {{Company}} lately and I just had to reach out.

{{Your_Company}} is showcasing {{Company}} to over 100,000+ potential new customers. When we asked our customers if they'd be interested in a product like yours, we got a huge resounding "yes".

I think they would make for great lifetime {{Company}} customers. Here is some more info on our reach, our customers, and who we've worked with in the past: {{Your_Website}}

Interested? Please email me by the 30th and we'll make it happen.

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Why it works

This email template is an enticing opportunity to create a collaboration opportunity with another company whose audience overlaps with yours. It works great for a couple of reasons. The subject line is short and intriguing, while the actual email starts with a compliment, setting a really friendly tone. By inducing your website you get a chance to give social proof to the recipient, while the kind deadline sets off a feeling of slight urgency to act. Furthermore, it highlights that your audience has expressed strong interest in products like yours, meaning they are highly likely to convert into loyal customers. This template combines social proof, a touch of urgency, and the promise of valuable exposure, making it a compelling proposition for any business looking to enhance brand awareness and engage with a wider audience.

When to use it

This email template is ideal when you have the opportunity to showcase another business or product to your own engaged customers. No matter what business you have, this template allows you to extend your own reach while also providing valuable exposure to deserving products. It serves as a great starting point to explore collaboration opportunities and create mutually beneficial relationships.

Who can use it

This email template can be used by all individuals or businesses who possess a substantial following of their own brand/business. If your valuable audience would be genuinely interested in hearing more about the company you’re interested in showcasing, then this template is perfect for you. By leveraging your product's reach, you can contribute to the growth of other businesses while providing your audience with valuable recommendations and offerings.

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