Growing {{Company}} [Department] team
Hi {{FirstName}}.

I noticed that {{Company}} [Department] department has grown significantly in the last 6 months so thought it might be relevant.

Given your job title and since other fast-growing [Department] teams from companies like [Company1] & [Company2] use [Your Company] for [Problem You Solve], I thought you might be interested in improving your [Department] team effectiveness.

Would you be interested in seeing how [Your Company] can help both your top performers and new hires?
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Why it works

This template directly addresses the recipient's potential needs by highlighting recent growth and drawing parallels with successful peers. It's personalized, concise, and positions your solution in context, making it more relatable and actionable.

When to use it

Ideal for use after conducting research on potential leads who have experienced growth in their department, indicating a possible need for your services or products to manage or sustain that growth effectively.

Who can use it

Sales and marketing professionals targeting decision-makers in companies that have shown significant departmental growth and might benefit from external solutions to enhance their team's performance.

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