{{Company}} <> {{Your_Company}}
Hi {{FirstName}}.

How is your {{day_of_week}}?

I noticed that {{Company}} sales team has grown by {X}% in the last {X} months, so thought it might be relevant.

I'm not sure if you are in the market, but since {{Company1}}, {{Company2}} & other fast-growing companies in the {{Industry}} space all use {{Your_Company}} for [Problem You Solve], I thought you might be interested in improving your {{Department}} team effectiveness.

Would you be interested in seeing how {{Your_Company}} can help both your top performers and new hirings?
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Why it works

This template is effective for several reasons. First, it grabs the recipient's attention by referencing a specific intent signal – the growth of their sales team, showing that the sender has done their research and understands their business. Second, it establishes credibility by mentioning other successful companies in the same industry that are already using your product or service. This creates a sense of trust and makes the recipient more likely to consider the offer. Additionally, the template focuses on the specific pain points of improving the recipient’s team effectiveness, which shows your understanding of their challenges. Finally, the template ends with a clear call to action, inviting the recipient to explore how your product offer can benefit their team. Overall, the template combines personalization, credibility, relevance, and a strong call to action, making it effective in capturing the recipient's interest and generating a response.

When to use it

Consider using this template when you come across a company in the relevant industry that has experienced significant sales team growth or shows potential for improvement. It is a good opportunity to reach out and highlight how your product or service can assist in enhancing their team's performance.

Who can use it

This template can be used by professionals in sales, business development, or account management roles who are reaching out to prospects or potential clients. It is particularly relevant for those targeting companies in a certain industry who are looking to improve their team effectiveness.

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