Book 3x More Meetings
Hello {{FirstName}},

I have reached out a few times but haven’t heard back. I know things can be busy but I’m hoping to help you with automating your sales outreach efforts, so you can focus your energy on more revenue-generating tasks.

Are you available for a 10-minute call to see how we could enhance {{Company}} company`s sales team?

I look forward to being of assistance.

Kind regards,
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Book 3x More Meetings
Hi {{FirstName}},

I've tried reaching you a couple of times. I understand you're busy, but I believe automating your sales outreach could save time and boost revenue.

Can we schedule a quick 10-minute call to explore how we can enhance {{Company}}'s sales efforts?

Looking forward to your response.

Best regards,
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Book 3x More Meetings
Hi {{FirstName}},

I know your schedule is tight, so I'll be brief. Automating your sales outreach can free up time for more critical tasks and increase your team's efficiency.

Would a short call next week work to discuss how we can support {{Company}}?

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Book 3x More Meetings
Hi {{FirstName}},

I’ve reached out a few times without response. I get that things are hectic, but I think {{Company}} could benefit from automating sales outreach to focus on driving revenue.

Are you free for a 10-minute call to see how we can help?

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Why it works

This email template is highly effective because it combines a casual and helpful tone with a clear value proposition. It acknowledges the prospect's busyness and the fact that previous emails may have gone unanswered, which takes away some pressure from the recipient. By using a subject line that mentions a stand-out value proposition, in this case booking three times more meetings, it immediately grabs their attention and highlights a significant benefit in extending their trial. While this template focuses on sales automation and booking more meetings, it can be easily tailored to your industry, product, and main value proposition. The offer of a 10-minute call shows that you are willing to invest time in understanding their needs and offering personalized assistance. It strikes a balance between being helpful and respectful of their time.

When to use it

Use this email template when the trial period of your product is about to end for prospects. It's an opportune moment to remind them of the value your product can bring and how it can help them grow their business. By reaching out at this stage, you aim to convert trial users into paying customers and solidify the value proposition of your product.

Who can use it

Sales representatives, account executives, and business development professionals who offer products or services that can enhance certain business processes can effectively use this email template. It is suitable for companies targeting both B2B and B2C clients. No matter your product niche, this template allows you to reconnect with trial users and highlight the benefits of your product in improving their sales performance.

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