{{Company}} & [Your Company]
Hi {{FirstName}}.

I noticed that you've tried our [Free Tool, Product, Extension] and I was thinking that you are looking for a product that might help you with [Pain Point].

Since other companies in the [Industry] space use [Your Company] for [Problem You Solve], I thought you might be interested in improving your [Department] team's effectiveness.

How about a short call with you for a quick review of your current [Department] process to see how we can help?

Best Regards,
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Why it works

This template creates a personal connection by acknowledging the user's trial and identifying a specific pain point. It demonstrates understanding of the user's industry needs and offers a tailored solution, making the call to action - a short call for a review - feel relevant and helpful rather than intrusive.

When to use it

Use this template after a prospect has tested your free tool, extension, or product and you want to engage them further by offering solutions tailored to their specific challenges and industry context.

Who can use it

This template can be effectively used by sales and marketing professionals in SaaS, tech, or any industry offering digital tools and solutions aimed at enhancing operational efficiency within organizations.

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